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Born Nov'05, What are your babies up to? Lock Rss

My baby was diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis at 6 weeks of age.
I just wanted to compare what stage other babies are at.
She had regular paediatrician and hearing tests and so far all very good.
She is rolling over from back to tummy (but not the other way round). Lifts her head up very high and on her arms.
Makes a lot of noise.
Passes things from hand to hand and picks things up.
Drooling a lot from teething.

Cassandra, QLD, 5mth baby

[Edited on 09/05/2007]
Yep that sounds about what my wee girl is doing too.

She is rolling all over the place, trying desperately to crawl but not quite there yet. Chatting endlessly, says mumma but not particularly at me. Still can't quite sit up unsupported, but loves sitting up in her high chair and pram. The teeth look like they are on their way as she has very pink cheeks and has been a bit challenging at night lately. Also down to four feeds and having solids a couple of times a day. AND she is six months old TODAY!! I can't believe how the time flies.

Your wee darling sounds perfect.

Have a great day!!

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

My son is four and a half months old, he is on fruit and vegie puree`, he can push up on his arms when on his tummy but can't roll over yet or crawl, he holds his toys & teethers as well, drools alot and loves to spit/pull his dummy out. How much are your babies getting of milk? Ben exspects his bottle every 2-3 hours and drinks between 100-150mls. He also gets water and baby juice.

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