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Hi all

Anyone elses baby bum shuffling? My little girl is almost 10months and in the last months she started wriglling everywhere on her tummy then switched to bum-shuffling everywhere! She is quite good at it too and fast but i am concerned she wont crawl as i know how good it is for babies brain development to crawl....

has anyones baby bum-shuffled and then switched to crawling? or did they go straight to walking? and did it take ages for them to walk? (i have heard bum-shufflers take a lot longer to walk)



My little guy, only ever crawled if it was over something, like a pillow on the ground. Otherwise he bum shuffled/crab crawled (one leg tucked under, the other out as if he was crawling properly). He started this at about 9 1/2 months. Then started pulling himself up at about 10 1/2 months, he walked on his own the week before his 1st birthday.


Lucy was sitting at 5 months and a mum from my MG advised me not to get her to sit too much on her bottom as she would try to reach for things by bum-shuffling. From then on I kind of limited her sitting (it's so handy when you can just plop her on the floor knowing she'll just happily play with books and toys and not move anywhere!) but now she's learnt how to get out of the sitting position by nose diving onto her tummy to commando crawl across the floor!
Lucy's uncle was a bum-shuffler and never crawled, he went straight to walking.

My daughter (who is now 2 1/2) was a bum shuffler. I had not seen it before and none of the other babies in my mothers group did it. She bum shuffled everywhere. She didn't crawl for long, I suppose because she was able to get around bum shuffling! She started walking at about 13 months. They all eventually get to their feet. I like that she did something different! I don't think you need to worry, go with it and your child will eventually get to their feet. I think my daughter was a bum shuffler because she sat by herself from a young age (5 1/2 months) so in order to get closer to things she wanted she shuffled!
by baby girl is just starting to bum shuffle now, she is 1 next week.

so i can assume she will walk late.

ds comando crawled at 7, crawling at 9m, and walking at 14m.

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