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What should my 4 month old be doing? Lock Rss

My son is four and a half months old, he is on fruit and vegie puree`, he can push up on his arms when on his tummy but can't roll over yet or crawl, he holds his toys & teethers as well. When will he start crawling/sitting & when should we buy him a walker and put him in it?

my daughter is 4months, she has rice cereal and loves it but i only give it to her at dinner time. How long has your son been having fruit and vegie puree`? Kayla can lift up on to her arms too but cant roll either shes got half way but given up. Kayla holds her toys really well and can even hold her bottle when its half empty lol. they normal start to crawl about 6-7mths but all babies are different. i went to see my chn on tuesday and she not to buy a walker as they can be dangerous and not really good for children. I found out that babies learn how to sit when there on the tummies so sitting them up like we do with pillows behine them isnt really helping. so i have decided to have much more tummy time and in sometime i might have a result. Kayla tried to pull herself forward.
one question, does anyone know when there hair starts to grow?

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

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