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Hey just a wee qusetion!! My DD is 7 1/2 months old and she has been crawling for about 2 months now! A week ago she pulled herself up to a standing position on the furniture and two days ago she started trying to walk along it!! I have gotten heaps of comments about how she is too young to be doing this unsure but there is nothing I can do to stop her!! Do you think its too young and when did your bubs start doing this?? grin
Hi there

It drives me crazy when you get told 'they shouldn't be doing that yet' or 'they should be doing that and they aren't'.

As you would know, girls develop faster than boys and each child is different anyway. There are no hard and fast rules set in thick concrete.

I walked at 9 - 10 months and our son walked just before he was 12 months.

If your bubs is ready, your bubs is ready. Your DD wouldn't be walking along the furniture if she wasn't ready or felt strong enough.

Not long and she'll be letting go and following you around everywhere. It's a wonderful time when they take their first unaided steps.

Ignore those silly comments. Enjoy watching her development. It goes too quickly.
I dont think its too soon. My newphew started walking around furniture at 9 months, and was walking unaided at 10 months of age. Your DD just must be very intuitive!

hi there
my little girl is also 7 1/2 months she has only just started crawling and is pulling her self up on my coffee table bouncing up and down, i think they do things as they want 2 and there is nohing we can do, only sad/bad thing about it is i feel she is growing up 2 fast sad
Don't worry about what people say, babies do what they are ready to do when they are ready to do it, unless it is particularly late, then there could be some difficulties. One of my sisters friends babies all were RUNNING by 6mths (all 4 of them), and that is no lie, little freaks! Looked very very strange, i can tell you that. some just develop early. My daughter (17mths) was able to stand herself up (me holding her hands) at 5mths old, and was taking a few small steps (holding my hands again) around the same time, yet she didn't crawl until 8mths, and didn't walk on her own until just after 13mths. So babies can develop in strange ways!! I'm sure your baby will be just great, so please don't worry!

I try not to let the comments annoy me but what makes it worse is that she is quite small, she only weighs about 14lb 9 so I guess people assume that she is younger than what she is!! I do my best to encourage what she is wanting to do but was starting to worry that I have been encouraging her too much!!
my son is the same he is tiny coz he was premmy. and he is walking along furnature real fast now!! and crawled at 6 months. hes 8 months now but only 6months if you adjust his age.

i think they all just do what they do when they do smile
Perfectly fine in my opinion, they are all so different. DD1 was 7 1/2 months (5 1/2 months corrected) when she started pulling herself up and was cruising not long after. DD2 is 8 1/2 months and has been pulling herself up for about a week and looks like she will be cruising within days.
Hi- babies walk when they are strong enough and ready too- certainly not too early-
I had ridiculous comments with my son ( my second child) He looked like a baby walking he was only 8 months and even the doctors had to second glance - he is now 4 and a very muscly hethy boy very strong- he was just ready soon.- Doesn't give you much of a break though!!
Was hard to find first walkers though with a bit of a sole at that age-
My first walked at 9 months
twins at 10months ( this is the time they all walked properly- not holding onto anything etc)
My son could at 4months when stood at thelounge. He could 'army' crawl and crawl backwards at the same age.
How silly! My daughter was the same age when she started walking along furniture. We thought she'd be a crazy early walker but she didn't end up walking until just before 11 months. They think they're so clever when they do it too - who would want to take away that enjoyment!?
My DD is 7 1/2 months too and is doing the same thing! People keep saying "Oooh, she should be crawling before she does that" but what can I do? She still has tummy time every day but is not interested in trying to crawl! She has been holding her weight standing on our laps since she was 4 months old, I say just let them do their thing!!
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