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MMR Needle Lock Rss


My son will be 18 months old next month and will be having his MMR needle. I would be interested to hear from mums to find out how their children were after the injection
Hi DebraRettie, My son had his MMR when he was 12 months old. He got just about every reaction listed. This included high temps and symptoms of a heavy head cold. The one advice I can give is if you are having an event, visitors or something important coming up remember the reaction can take around 5 to 7 days after the injection. I did not know this and took him 5 days before his birthday thinking from the past the reaction time is within 2 to 3 days after the injection. I thought by his 1st birthday he would be well and truely over it all. As you can guess my son was very sick and unhappy on his birthday and actually had to visit the Dr on the day. I havent heard from anyone else after their child had their injections so my son could be a one off. So my advice, for what it is worth, just remember the 5 to 7 days after rule just in case. I hope it all goes well.
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