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Routine for a 8 month old please. Lock Rss

Hello everyone. I have a nearly 7 month old girl. we have had no formal routines (silly me) and I will be going back to work part time next year. So I would like to have a daily routine set in place to make it easier for her grandmas to follow.
Can anyone help by please posting a quick run down of their daily routine
Thanks in advance. smile sam

hi sam
i have a 10 month old
he gets up from 5.30am - 6.30am depends how tried he is or hungry
6am-6.30am breakfast then half hr later he will have a bottle
then by 8am-9am he will go down for a sleep for 1 1/2 hr - 2 hr sleep
by 11-11.30 lunch half hour later bottle the by 1pm-2pm 2.30pm latest he will go down for another sleep for bout 1 hr 1 1/2 hr sleep
by 5pm bath 5.30 dinner half hour later bottle
by 7.20pm bed sleep by 7.30pm he will go to bed earlier if really tired
but inbetween he will have alot of snacks
hope that helps you and good luck
Hi! I went back to work 4 weeks ago and DH asked for a routine written out for DD who was 8 months old. All times are obviously just approximate! smile

5:30-6am Wake up, breastfeed.
6:30am Breakfast
8:30am- sleep
10am- morning tea & formula bottle if interested
10:30/11- sleep
12/12:30- lunch
2pm- afternoon tea
3pm- breastfeed (I finish work at 2:30pm)
4:30pm- Bath
5pm Dinner
6/6:30pm- offer breastfeed (usually doesn't drink much)
6:30pm- bed
Between 12am and 3am (whenever she wakes)- breastfeed

I know it says at this age to offer food before a breastfeed but I found DD wouldn't drink at all if I gave her food first, but she will still eat heaps of solids after a b/f that's why I've continued b/f before solids.

Hope that helps! DH found the transition very easy with this routine set before he took over.
My routine with DS has always been feed/play/sleep, he does what ever he wants within that, but there are no 'times' for feeds and sleep. When he starts to display signs of tiredness, thats when its time for sleep. He fell into a rough 'routine' where he did things at particular times, but I found it easier to tell babysitters to watch his cues, and write down his tired signs and bed routine for them


I have a 7 1/2mth old and this is her basic routine that she has just developed herself(it obviously can vary depending on different situations)

7:30am - wakes up, breastfeed, play
8:30am - breakfast
9:30am - sleep
11am - wake, play
11:30am - breastfeed, play
12pm - lunch, play
12:45pm - sleep
2:15pm - wake, play
2:45pm - breastfeed, play
3:15pm - snack
4pm - will sometimes have another sleep, otherwise plays.
5pm - dinner, play
6pm - bath
6:30pm - breastfeed, then bed.
Thank you everyone who posted their routines and what works for them... Im sure with time I will be able to develope a routine that works for me smile smile

Again thanks!

My 8.5 month old's sleeping and feeding routine is:

6:30am - wake, bottle
8am - breakfast
9am - sleep (normally 2 hrs)
11am -wake
11:30am - lunch
1pm - bottle
1:30/2pm - sleep (normally 1.5 - 2hrs)
Awake by 4pm
5pm - dinner (followed by a bath)
6:15pm - bottle
7:00pm - bed

I have found that this routine works really well - heaps of time for play and it seems to suit DS.
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