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underweight 1 year old - Lock Rss

My 1 year old son weighs only 7.4kg - well below the lowest percentile.
He rejects most foods, and often his soy milk formula too and seems to exist on air alone.
He is allergic to dairy and eggs and had reflux so it has been a challenging time.

I feel there is some underlying reason for his behaviour as he is often showing signs of hunger, but can't seem to tolerate actually eating. Something he ate the day before happily, he won't touch the next.
Usually I have to distract him before he will allow me to feed him. FInger foods are equally rejected.

Has anyone tried naturopaths, or even a chiropractor ?
Our paediatrician has been excellent, but I feel it might be time for second and third opinions.
We have tried a dietician already, so have some ideas on what are the highest calorie foods, if he would eat them.
No idea but thought i'd let you know you are not alone with a small bub. DD2 has just turned 1 and is 7.2kg. Interested to see what others have tried.
yes try a osetipath (spelling) might lake a difference.

what i would try is forget the food n just give him milk for a day or two then he may become interested in what you are eating.
my oldest son had allergies and has cyclic vommiting syndrome thats what i did he was about the same weight at one. don't make food the focus as if can often scare them especially if they feel sick. I imagine it feels like morning sickness all the time when you arn't feeling well with allergies.

I know we want our babies to eat...

ask the peds about pepti junior milk formula... Its pre digested and both my older two kids had that and thrived,...... it has to be done on a scripted and changed my life has to be don by a peditritan
Our DD had bad regurgitation (she wouldn't cry or be in pain - just a lot of spew for ages after having her milk). I took her to my chiro, who I trust very much. After just one visit her spewing settled down heaps. She had regular appointments for a while and now will just see him a few times a year. I swear by my chiro - best thing for me and my DD
My little girl has just turned 1, and although she weighs a little more(not much though!) has the same eating issues! She is also lactose intolerant and has reflux. The best piece of advice I have is to not stress too much, I've been told the kids pick up on it at meal times and use this against us. We have days where she will eat & drink ok, and then days where I think she must be starving considering what she has had during the day. Do you still give a night feed? We started doing this and some nights she will drink 200ml, and I think she takes it easier as she is still sleepy and doesn't resist!
On the chiropractor, she has been to see one since she was born and goes every 2-3 months now. I think it's a great thing to do as they grow so much and are always doing new things, it helps keep them in balance. Anything is worth a try!
My son at 1 year weighed just 6.2kg. He had a rough time a healthy baby till 6 months then nearly dead at 7 months, down hill so quickly and started wasting away and his body shutting down. After 3 weeks in Mater Brisbane and 3 hard months, We finally found out he does not have the enzyme to prrocess milk proteins, although he has no allergies his little body was being ripped apart. 12 months later, a nasogastric tube and tube feeding, he is now a heathly 19 month boy who weighs in at 12kg. He has had every test and operation under the son and after kidney trouble (which has corrected itself now his body is healing)we are on the road to recovery. We had a xcouple of dietians but they are very hit and miss... He always wanted to eat and drink until he got to weak, but some days he would eat a little and the next heaps and sometimes he would scream, but no reflux nothing that anyone could work out until he was deathly ill. He is now on Neocate formula and nexium powder for stomic acid issues (due to the internal damage of the milk proteins) and he is a changed boy. I have one million suggestions and people critising, my only advice is go with your instinct. My sons specialists keep telling me that as long as he wees then every baby has days they dont eat much and as long as they grow a little each week that is ok, not all boys are front row forwards when they are babies and also the weight charts are quite a way above american standards. If you would really like to talk to someone, I am happy to talk. That is all that got me through, 3 other mums I met at Mater Brisbane. please email me at if you want to talk.
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