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Whats your baby's favorite song ?? Lock Rss

Hi there,i was just wondering if your bubs have a fav song , my little man(9 months old) looooooves the Shannon Noll song "Lift" it must be from all those nites of watching the biggest loser LOL . everytime he hears it he STOPS whatever he is doing and looks at the TV even if he is crying he stops! we sometimes sing it to him aswell and it has the same effect,sooooo cute !!

Roxana,Nsw,Mum of 4 boys

My DS (14wks) loves INXS - particularly Pretty Vegas, but he enjoys older INXS as well. If we're in the car and he's grumpy about a red light and INXS comes on he always starts cooing along! Although he heard their new song this morning and didn't seem so interested...
ever since my wee girl was tiny we had a singing duck in a yellow raincoat that sang "singing in the rain". Its run out of batteries now but still if we sing it to her it always calms her and makes her smile. Very cute

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

my 11 month old daughter has been listening to Classic Rock since she was born, i have always had it playing so ive figured out her fav song is "I cant explain" by The Who.....
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