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Dying hair while pregnant Lock Rss

Hey guys - im in dyer need of feeling beautiful as having a 7 month old baby and currently 13 weeks pregnant with my 2nd - just wondering what u guys feel or experienced with dying ya hair while pregnant - should i do it or just wait??

In all honesty I dyed my hair when I was pregnant and never had any dramas.
I just think it's bleaching that is a problem. smile
I dont think theres a problem with dying your hair when pregnant, although i did wait until the 2nd trimester as i get blonde foils it can be abit strong but thats just me, theres no evidence saying it can harms the bub at all so i say go for it, make yourself feel beautiful!
I heard you couldn't so i didn't with both my children.. But i know of alot of women that have.. When i spoke to my midwife she told me not to as i breathe in alot of the chemicals! As i said before i have heard of alot of woment have.. Maybe call a hair dresser?
I have been advised against it for the 1st trimester as My hair is blonde and requires toners etc.
After that its all good to go.

Julia (14yrs), Cooper (6yrs) & Amarlia (14 months)

I would only have foils (no contact with scalp), or the newer home colors that only take 10 mins (less chemicals and less contact time anyway), and make sure its in a well-ventilated area
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i have dyed my hair and had foils and my baby seems to be growing fine :)its more the fumes if ur going to do it make sure u have ventalation and fresh air made me feel light headed otherwise
I dyed my hair only once and that was in the 2nd trimester. I think it is ok. I just know you can't do chemical straightening or keritan (spelling?) straightening whilst pregnant... my hairdresses advised against it.

I am in desperate need of all, cut, colour and chemical straightening.

You can, you just have to be in a very very well ventilated place, but that's for dying, everyone says the same about bleach, it's just worse and probably not a very wise option.

If you're gonna dye it just make sure you are somewhere that is fully ventilated, open lots of windows (if you are doing it yourself) or do it outside if a friend is doing it smile

I dyed my hair while pregnant smile I watched in "Pregnancy for Dummies" that it was okay, haha. Apparently the chemicals used in dyes now aren't harmful like the chemicals used to be.

And you have a 7 month old and you're pregnant again? I don't know how you're brave enough to go through all that hell again so soon! Haha, my son's 7 1/2 months and there's no way I could imagine being pregnant again so soon! DH wants to start trying again.. but I don't miss peeing a bazillion times, the morning sickness getting beaten the crap out of, not being able to sleep and struggling to get out of bed! tongue haha
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