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Breast Feeding Problem Rss

Hey. Has anyone else had a problem with having too much milk and such a fast flow that they squirt milk everywhere? People say that I'm lucky as I have so much milk but unfortunately there's so much that my little boy gets drowned and I squirt everywhere and then he crys as he doesn't want to come near me. I've tried cabbage leaves for the engorgement and am block feeding in 12 hour blocks for only 4 minutes at a time to help reduce my milk supply and although it has improved, I still manage to quirt milk everywhere which is not fun when we're out and about. Desperate to hear from others that have had the same problem as I would like to continue breast feeding and he only 3 months.
i too have a very fast let down. almost every feed DS pulls off to cough cause he cant keep up with my let down.
i've heard lying down can help a bit, i wouldnt be thinking your producing too much milk. i would be feeding him routinely because the more he sucks the more you produce. try giving him full feeds every 3 or 4 hours rather than just 4mins at a time.
Yes, I have a fast let-down and milk squirts everywhere! Can you feel the let-down? Why don't you let him suck for a minute until you start letting down then take him off and hold a tissue or facecloth over your breast to soak up the milk. Then when it has stopped squirting he can go back on.

I feed him lying down at night which is great, but he doesn't like it during the day. I do try to lean back, but if we're out and about then it's quite difficult. When I feed him I get a strong let down feeling in my opposite breast.
We fly over seas at the end of march and I'm dreading it in case i start squirting milk over the person in the seat next to me on the plane!
haha well that person next to you may just have to wear a rain coat....or move seats until your've finished feeding lol.

i can feel my let down in both breasts too. that idea from PP is good, instead of a face cloth i would be using a bottle or container so you can store your milk for later.
Hi, i have had the same problem with all 3 of my babies.

I don't think its an over supply problem, more likely to be just the way you are. I agree with PP, that if the let down is too much take him off the breast and then reattach afterwards. The reason I suggest this is that even when I was weaning and had less milk I still had a very strong let down. I was expressing at the end, only getting 50-100ml when baby was taking a 250ml bottle and 80% came in the let down.

When they got bigger, 4mths or so, all 3 have figured out the let down and were/are very efficient feeders (less than 10mins a feed)

Sounds like I need to take him off when I feel the let down and then put him back on when I've finished squirting.
Does the squirting ever stop????

Sounds like I need to take him off when I feel the let down and then put him back on when I've finished squirting.
Does the squirting ever stop????

Ummm...NO! smile 6 and a half months on still get it every time (just for about 30 seconds though). I don't feed in public, it's too embarrasing. If your DS can't handle the squirting I think that might be the only option. My DS can handle drinking it now but because he is older and more distractable he pulls off for a look around right at the wrong moment! I too dreaded flying so I took a bottle of expressed milk. You could start feeding, get the let-down then put your bra back up so the milk goes into the breastpads. Pigeon are good absorbent ones!

Why don't you give the ABA helpline a call, it is 1800 mum 2 mum. I have the 'Breastfeeding Naturally' book that they put out and there is three pages on what to do if you have too much milk and how to manage a forceful letdown. It was a bit confusing for me when I was in a similar situation but if you give them a call they will be able to give you lots of helpful ideas and talk you through what will work for you. Definitely don't give up yet, its great that you have so much milk.

I have a very strong letdown and I think it differs for every woman as to when it settles down. I think for most women it settles down about the 12 week mark as the breasts are able to make the milk on demand and so they don't store so much in reserve.

Are you feeding every 12 hours? It will definitely help if you can feed more often because the breasts won't have to store so much milk.
I was feeding on demand from just one side for 12 hours and then swapping to the other side for another 12 hours and not feeding him for more than 4 minutes at a time.
The ABA number sounds good. I might give them a ring.
I've also been told to see if I can get a homeopathic remedy to reduce my flow. Also sage tea, although this can be quite potent so might end up going the other way.
I've since moved to 4 minutes on one side every 2 hours with an extra 2 minutes on the other side if he needs it. I've been told not to feed him more than 6 minutes otherwise he will over eat which I didn't think was possible!
Worse case, if this doesn't work, I've also been told to empty both breasts out completely and then go back to the 12 hour block feeding.
Who would have thought that natural breast feeding could be so complicated lol.
I had the same problem with my let down and my DD has a strong suck. I would drown my DD every time I fed her and it would make her colic and reflux worse because she got so much milk every time! I tried feeding her laying on my back with her on my stomach, I tired taking her off when I felt the let down coming and then putting her back on but my flow was still to much for her. In the end I started expressing for her. I would express every 3-4 hours when she would feed. If my husband was home he would feed her a bottle of EBM and then I would pump at the same time which would help with my let down reflex. If he wasn't home I would feed her then express after. I did this for about 3 months. I also used a slow flow teat on the bottle which helped with her colic and reflux. It was time consuming but it worked. By the time DD got to 3/4 months old my milk started to settle down on it's own.

Not sure if this is something you want to try, but I hope it starts to settle for you soon.
I sorry i may not be getting it right but feeding for four minutes at a time prob will actually increase your supply due to the fact you may be feeding more often.... also you may not be feeding more at night....

I have a force full let down and what i do is just feed from one breast a feed only then the next feed feed from the other...

I am also thinking that your baby may only be getting the fore milk if you are timing it for four minutes only... every time i feed i grab a towel and shove it in front of the boob not being used... or a glass and catch it to freeze and feed fully from the one breast until baby is so full he falls asleep, then the next feed feed from the other and do the same.... you may find that baby and boobs will settle down...

If anything feed your baby for as long as he will stay at the breast as they should settle once the baby starts drinking enough to fill his tummy at one feed rather than feeding heaps he may go two or three hours between he is getting hind and fore milk....

just wondering also who suggested block feeding i have never heard of it before???
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