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Whats your 8 month old bub up too!! Rss


Just would love to know what other bubs are up too

My little boy can sit by himself roll really well and from his tummy has worked out how to sit up. Semi crawling not far off being completely mobile look out Mum.
No teeth as yet still waiting.........................
Good eater loves his solids.
On 4 bottles a day with approx 180ml
Sleeps well during the day has 2 sleeps for about 1 1/2 hrs and night goes down at 7pm sleeps for 11hrs straight on a good night.
Cheers Mel
Hi mel,
My little boy is 8 1/2months old.
He is cutting his first tooth,
Completly mobile pulls himself up to standing position on everything and also stands with out anything for a few seconds,
He also loves his food and has 4 bottles a day,
Sleeps two to three times but unfortuantly does not like going to bed before 8 so I missed out there and he still wakes up at 5am for a feed then wakes up for the day around 6 to 7 am.
All babys are different though the all do things when they want!
Also my little one copys everything I do from the vacuming to wiping things!
You better rest up and enjoy the peace because when they realise what they can do they just dont stop!
Good luck and thanks for posting this I to am intrested in what other bubs are up to!

Mummy to 3 Boys


My little girl has just turned 8 months. She has learnt to roll in the last week (she started rolling from her front to back at 7 weeks, but then stopped, and has only just started again).

No teeth, no sign of crawling, needs a lot of support to sit.

Loves her solids, but has recently decided she doesn't like her bottle. Won't take anything to drink other than formula.

Goes to sleep at 6-6:30 at night, and then sleeps through to 6:30-7 the next morning. Generally has 1 catnap (30-45min) and 1 sleep (about 1-2 hours) during the day.

mum to 2 girls

I just thought I add some more to my last post becasue it is so unbelievable! My little man has been standing by himself for a couple of minutes at a time since last saturday! I thought it was just a one of thing but he is getting better! I can even take him by one hand and he walks about 6 steps he is a very clever boy! Also to add he says dada and grl (for our dog) thats been happening for about two months! I am just waiting for mum!! Come on son I am the one that did everytihng lol!
Sorry I also wanted to bost! (i dont think I spelt that right lol)!

Mummy to 3 Boys


It is so exciting when they reach the next milestone.
Since my last post my bubs is pulling him self up standing on everything crawling faster and also walks about 4-6 steps with your help. Since about Saturday has been saying dada im also waiting for mum hope it happens soon
Cheers Mel
Hi guys

My boys are about 81/2mths - they both sit really well and roll over whenever they want. Both have no teeth yet and are not crawling but manage to get where they want to go! They are trying to pull up on everything and can usually get onto knees. Love there solids (lunch and dinner) and still getting breastfeed. One sleeps all night from 8-7ish the other wakes about 3ish and comes into my bed. Both "talk" heaps saying mama, dada, baba and I think they have just started saying put for our cat smile Babies are so clever! Oh and they are loving finger foods - and are also trying to spoon, they grab the spoon once there is food on it and then shove it in their little mouths!
Sorry I had to do it again but I am just so proud of my little man!! Yes he did something else amazing, last night he was standing by himself in the kitchen and I called to him and he just looks at me and takes to steps towards me! It is so amazing for the rest of the night he just kept trying and trying! I think I am in for a lot more bumps and bruises!
Still waiting for mum though!!lol!

Mummy to 3 Boys

Its so amazing how babies all develop at different stages. My 8 month old is getting her 6th tooth at the moment, loves solids - we are just starting finger foods and thats great fun, crawls, walks from one toy to another (one hand on something at all times though). Is saying DADA and still wakes once through the night, I'd love for her to sleep through.
Hi,My son will be 8 months old in a few days.He rolls around a little, sits up well,claps his hands,waves goodbye,says dada, baba and mmm yum.I take him to swimming lessons he loves to kick, splash and go under the water.He has always slept well, 11 hours through the night and 3 sleeps through the day.Loves his food,has 4 bottles still,but prefers solids (mmm yum).And best of all he gives these huge smiles that just make you love him more each day.

After reading all the responses & enjoying what everyone had to boast about with their little one's development's, I just had to add what my little man is currently getting up to (or should I say, lack of).

My little boy is currently 9months old (9/2) & is extreamly vocal. He can say 'Mama' 'Baba' & 'Da' but loves to bubble on in that baby lingo. He can copy you, when you stick out your tongue, give him a kiss or blow raspberries.

He can roll from side to side, but hasn't managed to crawl yet (I honestly, dont think he will crawl as he hates being on his tummy). He can stand for long periods of time while holding onto the lounge & just the other night took his first step by himself. He loves to walk around the house with me holding onto his hands. He also LOVES to look at himself in the mirror.

As for teeth?
We are currently going through the teething stage however no teeth are in sight yet.

Take Care.

Naomi, WA ~ DS 5yrs ~ DS 14months

my boy is 8mths old
he has 4 top teeth and two bottom
he sits and crawls very fast and is trying to pull himself up on the couch.
he says mama and dada.
he has two sleeps a day morning 1.5hrs and afternoon 1.5hrs sometimes more.
he eats alot and anything
he still has two breast feeds during the night and about 4 or more a day. he probulary does not need all of that though.
he weighs 8.9kgs



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