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Nice surprise Lock Rss

Hi all,

I'm still a little bit in shock but on Tuesday my little one said daddy, 1 day before she was 5mths old..! I was getting her ready for her favourite time of the day - bath time with daddy, when my husband walked in & she turned to him with arms outstretched & said "Daddy"! Although we both heard it loud & clear we had decided it must have been a coincidence, until this morning when she said it again. Today, I was changing her nappy when my husband yelled out to me from down the hallway. She looked towards her doorway & yelled out "Dada" to him!

I don't know, she is my first so maybe that's normal for babies but it just seems so surreal that this tiny little thing is starting to speak.

Anyway, just had to tell someone.. I'm such a proud mummy!


Hi Melaine

That is so cute it must be a great surprise. My 8-month-old hasn’t said dad dad or anything yet so we are still in suspense but I’m sure the time will come...........
wow...that is amazing...i would be a proud mummy too if my son was speaking.

Daewon is 1month older than your daughter and sometimes i think he can talk as he does gabble alot and sometimes he goes baba which also means dad in our language, (cambodian) so i could be optimistic and say that he is talking or just pass it off as baby talk.

I guess if anything special happened with my son i would post it up too so good on ya and keep us informed if she says mummy...the more important word out of the two tongue .

Sue & Daewon 23.03.2004

Congratulations Melanie!!

That is very exciting news!!! i love milestones!!! you have a very clever little baby!!!

Heres to many more milestones to come!! smile

Love Amanda
Thanks guys!

Hehe, Sue you made me laugh but you're right! Why is it nearly always daddy first??! Oh well wink

Isn't it wonderful watching them grow & discover the world & themselves? I absolutely love being a mum, never dreamt it would be this rewarding!


Hi Mel, it certainly is. The other week, my 8 month old girl said "dada", too! Isn't it EXCITING!!!!

As for why it's nearly always daddy first, I've been told that the sound, "d" is easier to say than "m". Just a theory, perhaps?


Angela, NSW

My husband says babies say Daddy first because the baby spends all day listening to Mum whinge about him.."Your Daddy this", "Your Daddy that". Just a theory from the man's side! lol.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

i think they say dada first cause we as mums say it more as in here comes daddy home (as well as moaning) - and they never hear mum as often...

I must update my last post. On Saturday my little boy has been saying dada all the time it is so cute.
Now i must teach him too say mum
Cheers Mel
Hi Mel,
My little man has startde saying Dada Too! Its so cute, my husband was absolutely rapt! Im eagerly awaiting the day that he says Mum,I cant wait for that moment. I keep trying to teach him too!!!
We can live in hope Mel, it will happen eventually!!
Mel & Brae, that's fantastic! Isn't it the most adorable sound you've ever heard?! Such an exciting time at the moment! smile


How cute!!!
My 7 1/2 month old son has not said mumma or dada yet but when he is eating he says "yum". I try to convince my husband and my 16 year old son that he is really saying "mum". They just look at me sideways and say "yeah right".
Also, he looses all interest in me when dad gets home at night. Its like - I've been with you all day, now I want my dad.
I think that is great as it gives me time to get dinner ready.

Karyn, NZ, Jack 13/02/04

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