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behaviour at ten months Rss

My 10m old wee man is the happiest, most energetic wee man!, he has never been a baby to sit still.. or even cry for that matter (no im not joking) as he has been crawling for a few months and is able to walk whilst pushing something when it comes time to pick him up he has now resorted to hitting me or whoever very hard in the face, he wont just do it once either! i have never showed him how to hit or anything like it so i dont know why he is doing this! he does it even if your playing a game with him and he is sitting on the floor.
My son knows the word no and understands what it means but even if he stops at the time he continues to do this sort of thing not that long after!!
It is most likely a stage. It doesn't mean that he is violent or that he has been taught to hit, it is truly a stage that they go through. With my DD we used to hold her hands and say firmly 'no hitting people', she would then say 'I hit floor' (I think she went through this stage a bit later on) and we'd say 'yes you can hit the floor'. She doesn't hit any more and hasn't for ages. She doesn't even hit the floor any more (I guess there wasn't much of a reaction!!) As long as you persevere I am sure he'll get the hang of it all in time.
DD went through this stage too. We did exactly as Nodrog did, held her hands and said "no hitting, or we don't hit". At the same time we would redirect her, so take ker hands and run them gently down our faces and say 'we be gentle with people/cats/babies' etc. I found redirecting really helped as we could remind her to be gentle before she was around other babies etc. So you could say to your little one before you puck him up, remember we are gentle etc.

Good luck xx

DDs just under 10mths and has done this occassionally or more often she will pull on daddy's goatee or my earring etc, we just grab her hand and say 'gentle' and brush it softly on our face or when she 'pats' the cat (more like grab, twist, pull lol ) we do the same; 'gentle...good girl'. Hopefully the positive reinforcement will get her out of this stage soon...bubbas are surprisingly strong once they get a hold of something!

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Sounds the same as my boy. Just keep out of the way and when he swings at you, just grab the hand and say "We dont hit. Thats not nice". I dont like using the word 'No' because i know alot of kids who use it all the time so dont wanna teach my DS that word yet hehehehe
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