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Shower Lock Rss

When DS was younger I did the bouncer thing. Now he's 3 and it's either take him in with me or wait until DH gets home.

Mine hated the bouncer too. I either put DD in the highchair or walker and bring her into the bathroom with me, set her up in the cot with some of her favourite toys, or shower when DP's home.

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bouncer or swing in the bathroom. DD hated it at first but now i think she is just used to it haha. I just make sure to give her a few toys & make sure she has her dummy on hand incase i need to duck out the shower to hand it to her.
If he's not in the shower with me, I let my 18 month old have free rein of the house.
I've locked him in the bathroom with me a few times, and they will be the times he falls over and ends up with the biggest scones on his head.
I put the dog outside, all the doors have kid locks on them, he's not a climber, and he tends to run up and down the hallway, so I listen to him whilst I'm in there. If he's silent for a moment, I call out to him and he comes running into the bathroom and I'll sing him some nursery rhymes, discuss what were having for dinner, play the body part game, something like that. I try and make it quick.
I wait til its naptime for DD2 & put a movie on for DD1 smile
Now when I have a shower DD is usually in her bouncer or bed and DS has free reign in the house, I can hear him and I'm the same as PP if he goes to quiet I just call him and he comes into the bathroom...
My DS is nearly 2 and he just plays in his toy room or watches tv or whatever, i used to put him in the bouncer when he was a baby
I have a shower when my hubby gets home but if i have things to do i put her in a play pen its great.

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Similar to other mums, I put DS in rocker sometimes with a toy. If he gets bored a play peek-a-boo with him or sing him a song so it's not quiet.
I have a 3 & 1/2 mth old who I put in the bouncer. He just started rolling & thinks he can do it inthe bouncer so my showers tend to be quick ones tongue
NAP time smile

or else he has one with me.
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