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My 16month old does not say anything yet : / Lock Rss

So my 16month old girl does not say any words. I was not concerned nor did I even really notice till her day carer brought it to my attention. She has 2 older siblings a 5yr brother and a 2yr sister. She makes alot of noise and speaks her own little language but no actual words we thought she was saying Dad a few months ago but that's gone now. She understands what we are saying, she follows instructions for instance if i tell her to sit or put something down or wave or clap her hands show us where her nose is she understands. Just wanted some advice.

Mumma of 3.

DS2 was very similar. DS1 started talking very early and by the time he was 2 we could have a full on coversation with him. we were quite suprised when DS2 didn't start around the same time, but he didn't have to, DS1 did and said everything for him.

but he has cought up and now he won't shut up laugh . having older siblings makes them a little slower in all those things, well, thats what i have found, but they do catch up. i wouldn't be too concerned, especially if you know she can understand you, she'll talk when she is ready, and she still is quite young, DS2 didn't really start making any sense until about 2. i was a little concerned, as you are now, but its all sorted.
My 16mth old little boy is also the same. Making lots of noises, but not really interested in talking.

I'm not too concerned with it...I know he understands quite a lot that we say to him, and he will start talking when he is ready.
Ditto, my 16 month old is exactly the same. He is so quiet that we call him our little mute. He doesn't talk at all, and rarely makes sound. He's just a quiet boy.

Like your bub though, he understands everything perfectly to the point his paediatrician said his comprehension is advanced - he follows instructions, goes to get something from another room that we ask him for (like a certain toy), and even if we ask him to point to say 'the tree' in a book, he will open a book and flip pages until he finds it. So we know he understands, he's just not ready to speak yet. We think he will when he's ready.
My son starts talking since he was 16months old, just simple words. Once he reached 22 months old, he starts to pick up words very quickly and he can say many words then. I think you don't need to worry since your daughter can understand what you say and react to sound. You can encourage her to talk eg. if she wants get something that she couldn't reach, you ask her what she wants and let her say it instead of giving it to her straight away.

Some of my friend's kids didn't talk until they go to school (at the age of 3) and once they go to school and interact with other kids, they will speak and non-stop =)
There are few children who speak late or at the age of 3 to 5. so it could be possibe that your child would speak at the age of 3 to 5.
Dont stress, smile one little boy i cared for he didnt start talking until closer to his second birthday now doesnt stop! One thing however i would suggest if your not already doing it, is make sure she has a chance to talk, that the older ones dont talk for her all the time wink but dont stress to much, worry about it when she gets closer to 3 smile

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