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Weaning due to biting Lock Rss

I have a 9 1/2 month old who has 6 teeth that all came when she was 7 months old. She was doing ok breastfeeding with an occasional bite but she has recently given me 2 really bad ones. One still hasn't recovered from 10 days ago that a whole tooth went in and it got infected so been on antibiotics and resting that side expressing since then.

Anyway, my husband, family and mum's group all keep telling me i should wean her. I tried with the first bad bite about a month ago but she wouldn't touch the formula and i was so upset as she just cried and looked at me like i was the worst person in the world while trying to get to my breast all the time.

My husband is also keen to wean as we want to start TTC no 2 but i haven't started ovulating again yet.

Does anyone have any advice or been in this situation? I'm really getting over justifying my choice to continue feeding to everyone and getting told 'i told you so' when i'm in pain. Also will she get used to the formlua if i just stop? I'm worried that she just wont drink and will use solid meals to fill her up without getting all the stuff she needs.

If you feel this is what you really want to do then I would get your DH to feed her with the bottle and see how she goes, she may take it for him without a problem because she won't be able to smell your milk, otherwise have you thought about expressing and getting her used to the bottle on breast milk and then introduce formula a little later on?
I had problems with my DD biting too. She only did it a few times but gee it hurt! I can't help you with trying to stop your DD from biting though as my DD only did it a few times. I would just take her off the boob, tell her no in a stern voice and then when she was calm put her back on.

With the weaning thing, my DD was both BF and FF from the time she was 4 months as I didn't make enough milk in the afternoons. But maybe something you can try is, if you're expressing on the side that she has badly hurt, you could mix half formula with half breastmilk for her. See how she goes with that and then if she does well with it increase the formula in the bottle slowly until it is just formula in it.

Of course at the end of the day there's no rule ot say that you have to stop BF just because she is biting. If you want to keep doing it then do it. But if you want to put her on formula there's nothing wrong with that either. At 9 1/2 months she has had a great start in life with BF'ing and you should be proud of doing it for this long!
Hey there, I have just recently been through the same thing. DS was biting the heck out of my nipples and I thought about weaning but I really didn't want to and he wouldn't drink formula. But then after about 2 weeks he just went back to normal, no more bites, and I'm still going (he was about 9 - 10 months when that happened and now he is nearly a year). I would say persist through it if you possibly can, it is horrible I know, I was sitting there crying with every feed. Found that switching to football hold helped alot. Good luck!!

I weaned ds3 early at around 11mths due to him biting. I still regret it <span class="emoticon sad">sad</span> This link has some suggestions for biters. And this one might help you with the people that are not supportive of you b'feeding <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span> Best of luck.
When is she biting? I found that DS2 used to bite at the end of the feed so I'd just take him off and put him down. I found that the unlatching, 'telling them off' in a stern voice and putting them down didn't work for me. What did work was pushing him into the breast so he had to open his mouth to breathe, he only did it twice after that and never bit me again.

Biting can coincide with teething as well, they're not sure how to soothe the ache so they just rub/clamp down not realising that it might hurt mum.

This, from Kellymom, might have some helpful info on it.

Don't feel you have to justify the choices you make to anyone; it's not up to them to decide what you should or shouldn't do. I can't help on the weaning stakes as DS2 was 18.5 months when he self-weaned. I don't personally believe that starving a baby to make them take formula is okay and there are more gentle ways to go about it. Kellymom also has some great weaning resources that might be of assistance, if you want them of course.

I weaned ds3 early at around 11mths due to him biting. I still regret it <span class="emoticon sad">sad</span> This link has some suggestions for biters. <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span> Best of luck.

Fine..steal my links! <span class="emoticon tongue">tongue</span>

Thanks for all your tips and links. I think i will keep trying and use some of the tips on preventing bites and see what happens, hopefully it's just a phase and will pass soon. smile

I have been feeding DS with teeth since 8 months old. He now at 1 has 7 of them. If DS is sick or like now constant ear infections he will bite me. Just like in the early days of learning to feed your still learning as they get older.
I have bf 2 for the last 4 years and they both went through a little biting stage. Its terrible isn't it.....I would feed and be all tense and cringing, waiting for a bite as bad as yours. I don't blame you for being hesitant! I have found though, that they do get over it pretty quick. I used to take them straight off and put them on the floor and say no. My second used tobite and then scrape my nipple as she pulled me shivers just remembering it. I used to keep my finger poised right next to her mouth so as soon as she started I could jam my finger in between her teeth. Then they stopped doing it and I forgot about it. I have only remembered since reading your post! I am still feeding her and she is 18 months old. SHe had all her teeth by 8 months from memory and dd1 got hers at 11.5 months. (my 2 have been 1 day wonders with teeth.... wake up and they have most of them!)
Ican never comprehend people trying to convince others to wean. To me it smacks of their own justification for their choices and what they would do rather then looking out for you or your babies best interests.... learning to put your blinkers on is the key! I have found in some cases people try and convince you one way, but when you stick to it - down the track you hear them announcing proudly that you did it the way you did.
All the best!
there is no need towean beccause of biting, also before conceving again your husband needs to come on board and support you.

my son gets a twinkle in his eye just before he is about to bite at the end of a feed. they all go through this phase...

i know how sore it is try a cold coth to chew on before a feed also
I agree with another post that it may just be a short term thing so if you want to keep BF, then persevere.

My son only got his first at 13 months. At 15 months he had two top and two bottom and his uncle taught him to bite his finger (thought it was funny!). My son then tried it on my nipple. My first reaction was to yelp really loudly as it HURTS! But I soon realised two responses were the best. First one was to say NO really firmly and when he let go I would immediately stop feeding him and tell him that he could not have it if he was going to bite, it hurts mummy. When he realised I would stop feeding him if he bit down, he stopped. The second thing was to grit my teeth and not give him any reaction at all (hard, as like I said, it HURTS), but no response made him not bother as he didn't get any reaction. It stopped after a week or so.

A lot of people told me to stop feeding him when he did that too but I'm really glad I didn't. It was just a really short term thing that he got over really quickly. Not to mention, he flat out refused cows milk or formula so if I stopped breastfeeding, he'd get no milk at all.

He is now 17 months old and I have JUST stopped as we were both ready. I should also mention I am 26 weeks pregnant (stopped just in time to give myself a break!) so I fell pregnant whilst breastfeeding. He was 11 months old and I was still feeding 3 times a day.

Do what YOU want to do. Don't listed to others. Good luck.
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