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Hi, i know there are a few posts on here about when babies crawl, but I just need to ask the question.
Our DD is over 11mths old and not showing any intention of crawling at all, instead we bim shuffle every where, hence she still gets from A to B. Has this happened to any one else and did they crawl at all? I am getting concerned about it, but know also that they are all so different developing. Just interested if a ny body else has been through this bum shuffling thing?
I would love some feed back please

I wouldn't worry. She may not crawl, she might just start walking one day or she might start crawling and then eventually walk. shes getting around so i dont think she cares much yet.
My mum (who had 8 of us) said there was a few of us (not me, but my 2 older brothers) who bum shuffled and then just went straight to walking and they are fine, so maybe your dd will do this.

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I agree with what has been said previously, my little sister only every bum shuffled and then went straight to pulling herself up and walking, however my little brother was a hands and knees crawler. I wouldnt worry - they are all so different smile
my dd now 5 only bum shuffled didnt crawl she was quite happy doing that and she didnt walk untill she was 22mths
My DD started properly crawling at 9 months but she did the bum scoot for 2 months before she started crawling. We've got some friends of ours and their little girl it 14 months now and she's still not crawling but she is pulling herself up on things.
My DD is now 15 months and she never crawled. Started bum shuffling around 10 months and could get around the whole house this way!! So cute. Anyway, she started walking at 14 months and right from the start has been very steady on her feet. Even just comparing the babies from my MG, they are all so different and seem to just do things when they are good and ready.
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