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Baby Not Crawling Lock Rss

Hi, my DD is 10 months old and she is not even remotely interested in crawling! She likes to roll back and forth but cannot be enticed to crawl. I am wondering if i am doing anything wrong or if there is something i could try to get her moving? i have tried putting her favourite toys just out of reach so that she might crawl to try to get them but she tries to reach out for them and then gives up!!

I have read that she should be starting to cruise along furniture soon, and while she can bear some weight on her legs, i dont think she will be doing this anytime soon.

Did your babies do this? What can i do to encourage her to move?
Try not to stress too much, all babies do things at their own pace. My first DD didn't crawl til she was 10 months old, my 2nd was 11 months old, and I have a friend whose 3rd child didn't crawl until 12 months of age. I don't think it matters whether they do things earlier or later, as it doesn't make any difference to their long term development.
I wouldn't stress too much about it personally, I have known of some babies who never crawled at all and just started pulling up on furniture and then walked!
I think it takes awhile for each individual babies confidence to build. my dd was up on all fours for almost 1.5mths rocking back and forth before finally starting to crawl at 11mths. I put her on all fours, and jingled a toy in front of her so she would move a bit then as she kept moving so did i and eventually she crawled across to the other end of the room. now she is a quick one!

Dont stress, girls normally take longer to crawl but then walk quicker, whilst boys crawl earlier on and then take longer to walk.

Enjoy this time while it lasts before she is off and everywhere lol
I thought the same with mine. Please don't worry, as others have said they will do it in their own time and some won't even crawl. My little man decided to crawl on Christmas day and he's 11.5 months old!!
My little girl is almost 9 months and isn’t crawling yet but She doesn’t need to as she just rolls everywhere... She can get all the way up the hallway and into all of the rooms just by rolling and to turn around she pushes herself of the walls with her feet lol. She wants to crawl but can’t figure how to get on her knees... I’m sure they will figure it out in their own time smile
Don't stress as someone else said they all develop differently, try not to compare to other babies. I know of a 10mo that's not crawling yet either.

Give bub as much tummy/floor time as possible. My 8mo just used to like sitting everywhere and couldn't be enticed to do anything else. So I started putting her on her belly again and now she has started pushing herself backwards and turns around.
My DS didn't crawl untill 11months and only crawled for 2wks then started walking and my besties youngest boy never crawled untill amout 14m and didn't walk untill 2 and he is now a perfectly active little boy.So don't stress to much they all do things in there own time xx
Don't stress hun. What the experts say and what children actually do are totally different. Children will crawl when they are ready and some even skip that and go straight to walking. You are doing nothing wrong hunni please don't stress about it.

My little girl is 9.5 months and commandos all over the house... i was starting to worry too, as she crawls over toys and people lol but isnt remotely interested in crawling anywhere...... but when talking to people about they said the same as everyone above......... they crawl in their own time and some dont even crawl, they just get up and start walking etc and skip that stage.... my DD is ulling herself up on anything and everything now so i think they are right..... just go with it and dont stress smile
My DD didn't crawl until she was 11 months old. She did a strange half commando crawl/half drag around the house and looked very strange. She only did that for about a fortnight, she got a taste for moving and got up one day and walked.

She didn't really pull herself up on stuff or walk around on furniture, she just stood up and walked (well stumbled around and fell over a lot really).

They all have thier own timetable. It's nice when you can leave them in one spot and come back and find them roughly in the same place you left them (and not climbing the bookcase or putting your phone in the toilet), enjoy it while it lasts......

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