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My son has fell on his head many times. Lock Rss

My 6 and a half month old son has fallen on his head a lot of times. Mainly when he's sitting on the ground & get's his leg's tangled up. A few times where he has pulled himself onto his feet by holding something then falling back. Also had a bad fall off the bed. Is my situation bad?
are you putting him in the sitting position or is he getting into it. I imagine you are sitting him and his muscles are not able to support his weight. just let him lie on the ground and learn to roll and then crawl and then sit on his own. don't sit him he is not ready.
he gets up himself, i lay him on his tummy & he will get up crawl around then manage himself onto his bottom. Thanks for the advice smile
lol falling asleep upside down, cute!
thanks, feel soo much better & not soo worried anymore. smile
My little men have always bonked their heads on everything! my 2yr old still walks into things! as long as you are providing a safe environment and allow them to play and learn and there will be many more bonks to the head, obviously we don't like it when we can't catch them but it happens and they will be fine, we might be a little worse for wear but they will learn to balance and eventually the bonks will be fewer!

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