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a whole bunch of random questions Lock Rss

Iv got a few questions i have been pondering for a while and saving up to ask lol...
1. Ds is 8 months, just started crawling. At our house we have a split level with 7 steps seperating. Ds has started to attempt them. We also have about 20 more steps seperating the top story from the bottom story but theres a door at the top and we live at the top. Should i let ds learn them? Or should i try discourage him? My thoughts were if he was to accidentily get out onto the big set of steps at least he would know how to handle them, but not every1 agrees.
2. He yells ALOT. Hes usually happy when he does it... i duno if its for attention or not but he quite often does it when he already has the attention. Generally hes a very happy lil dude.. sometimes i tell him to ssshhhh when were in public but i dont really wana stop him if hes happy... people stare from miles away tho sometimes. Its VERY loud. Do u think i should try stop him?How?
3. Can i put a bit of cows milk on his brekkie? Hes fully bf.. i saw a doco the other night saying NO! And i was using it but now i have switched to water..i dnt wana express
4. Im b-fing him 4 times a day and hes having 3 solids of a good size. Im tryna drop a bf but cant seem to stretch the feeds out much more than 4.5 hourly during the day.( he sleeps thru the night) how do i go about it? I have been giving solids b4 milk except the 1st 1. The arvo feed 3pm he has the least.. should i cut that 1 and try hold him out till dinner?

I think thats all of them... thanks if u read that far.. their not big issues, im fairly casual about things but .. yeh..

Oh 5. Hes 1 on christmas day, whats a good present for a 1 year old? I dont know if he'll b walking by then or not... ? Im tryna plan ahead..

Thanks SO much smile
Thanks for
4. No no particular reason for dropping a bf i just assumed it was maybe about time..? I dont know anybody else thats b-fing and reading back in my old plunket book and dp's old baby book we were both down to 2 - 3 feeds so i was just looking at that for comparison...
1.We have a multi-level house too. Definately get a baby gate. I think he is too young to start trying as you don't want to feel too confident yet. My DD is about to turn 2 and she's been coming up our stairs OK for about 6 months, but I've only just started letting her go down so she doesn't lose her balance. All it takes is for a noise or someone to catch their attention, and they turn and lose their balance.
2.Let him yell I say. Yes it's probably annoying sometimes, but if he's not in distress he should be allowed to express himself. Also, if you tell him off for it he might learn that he shouldn't make any noise.
3.Too young I say, their tummies aren't developed enough to break the milk down. Maybe in a couple of months give him some but water it down.
4.I don't think 4 feeds is too much, at this age they still need it for the nutrients it contains. When you do want to drop one, try the arvo one and give him afternoon tea instead.
5.Last xmas we got our DD a bouncing zebra, think it's Fisher Price, she still loves it at 2.
1. I agree with teaching. We lived in houses with stairs. I go by teaching them the backwards decent and saying "safely" over and over. Has always worked for us. With supervision until there is confidence of course.
2. I think that's cute! We go with the "inside voice" repetition. Trying to teach appropriate time and place for behaviors. Though he's very young.
3. I don't know bout cows milk at 8months... If you don't want to express, you can gets little formula sachets or pre-made formula tetra packs if you want him to have milk on the cereal.
4. I've always demand fed, I'm no help to you there.
5. I'm getting my 3rd child, DD, a little plastic trike with the attachable wagon from k-mart. My other two ruined their one. Well worth the money and can be passed down.

Thanks SO much smile[/quote]
1. Let him learn the steps in his own time. Dont discourage him or make a fuss over it just let him work it out himself that way your not pushing his limits and he will find the best and safest way for his level to do it. Iykwim?
2. Let him yell if he's happy, we all have different ways of expressing ourself and he has every right to express himself how he likes.
3. Little bit of cows milk on his wheatbix is fine, just dont go using it to substitute his bf.
4. Personally id let him drop feeds himself, but I've never bf so can't really comment.
5. We bought dd a plastic frame thing with slides that flip to steps at each end and has hollow plastic poles with small holes in that you connect the hose too. So she could use it for lots of different things and even my friends four year old loves it so it wont be tossed aside anytime soon.

Hope I helped. Xx

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

I asked my CHN about my ds yelling/squealing and she told me to ignore him when he did it, but always positively reinforce his other speech/noises. If you react when they get to their peak they'll know that's when they get attention, even if they're already the centre of attention. My son doesn't yell/squeal loudly at all really anymore.
I bought him the vroom toot toot garage for his 1st birthday and cookie monster keyboard for Christmas, he's born a month before Christmas.
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