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Don't know what to do with my 3 month old... Lock Rss

this might sound weird but this is my first baby and i dont really know what do with him when hes awake.

DS is 14 weeks old at the moment and im still on maternity leave, he sits in his bouncer a bit while hes awake and he chats to me in his little language and smiles when i talk back and we play on the playmat a little bit with some of his toys and he likes that too but gets grumpy after about half an hour of that.

i dont really know what else i should be doing when hes awake sometimes i feel like the poor boys just staring at me smiling and must be so bored looking at the walls and i also feel like while hes awake i should be sitting with him i feel bad leaving him sitting in his bouncer on his own and being in other rooms cleaning up etc

any suggestions or ideas that are age appropriate for him that can fill some our time
I think giving babies some alone time while they are awake is one of the best things you can do for them : )
It helps teach them how to be on their own and how to play on their own too
When my DD's were younger I used to have some time where I would sit/lay on the floor with them and play, make noises etc
But I always gave them some time on their own (supervised) on a play mat or in the bouncer. It gave me time to get things done, so when they did sleep I could have a quiet coffee and relax for a bit.

I wouldn't worry too much, I'm sure he's not bored : ) Enjoy him while he's little
I know where you're coming from. My daughter is 14 weeks and does the same although just this week she's not happy to sit in the bouncer anymore so enjoy it while it lasts. Now I am carrying her around lots and because she is a bad sleeper in the day - 30 minuute stretches only - I am running in her sleep time to get things done. She loves a musical mobile with animals that turn which we have attached to her change table so I spend time there with her. It's a difficult time until they crawl.
For babies and toddlers the most interesting play toy is you. They love listening to us speak, sing, watching what we get up to and how we interact with the world. Young babies like that love simple things like feeling the texture of fabrics, watching the leaves of the trees rustle, watching you brush or shake your hair etc. Massage at that age is great, showing them as you do it how to move each limb independently and showing them what their body can do.

I agree with the previous comment, it's a good idea to let children have some alone time where they learn to entertain themselves. They also need a break from too much stimulation, like down time I guess. Put baby on the playmat with some age appropriate toys and let him explore as he is ready. At that age, he'll probably only be happy for short bursts of 10 - 20 minutes, but as he gets older and busier that time will liley extend

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our nearly 4 month old is happy just watching us go about our day. I do move him to the next room while I vacuum and scrub the bathroom though

I agree with pp itsgood to give them alone time. Don't forget that they are still learning how their body works and time they have alone is tome they get yo figure that out.

You could put bub near a glass door or low window in the bouncer to watch the outdoors, they like to hold and explore objects too. Like a small light rattle.

My dd loved to sit in her rocker in the kitchen while I did the dishes. She used to giggle at my moving around tidying up.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Little Miss's wrote:
I love the soft fabric books that have different textures and crinkle etc. I always read to my bubs.

Also if you want to get out of the house you should check out your local library. Not sure in your state but ours have baby ryme time. It's just singing and moving with your baby, good fun and great way to meet other mums smile

Hehe there great those books smile.

Agree with other comments at this age all he wants is his mummy and some time in bouncy sounds like your doing a great job smile enjoy this time.

Go to a park, show him all the trees, flowers etc.
Books books and more books
Play music while they have some 'alone' mat time
Walks in the pram
Sing songs
Playing with you.

The feed, play sleep routine is a good one, breaks the awake time into manageable time.

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