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Frustrated grr!! Lock Rss

After one of my ultrasounds they wanted to check the baby when I was 30 weeks it showed that the cord flow was abnormal reading and that bub was measuring small, they'd mentioned giving me a steroid injection, but then decided to wait til the next ultrasound which turned out to be totally normal and nothing to worry about bub wasn't even small, today I had another ultrasound to make sure Bubs growth was still going good which is just fine not to big not to small, but the antmonic fluid reading in the ultrasound had increased a little but wasn't above the average range.. I don't have gestational diabeties was tested at 27 weeks now they want to redo the test thinking I may have it because Bubs last 2 ultrasound had different amounts antmonic fluid. I'm 35 weeks and frustrated... I see one doctor and they say everything's fine and then the next visit were in a major panic and something's wrong.. Anyone else have these issues and turned out to be nothing..
my advice is not to panic too much. Remember ultrasounds are not 100% accurate and stressing can sometimes make things worse then they really are originally. if you feel something is wrong do what your instincts tell you. but remember even if you do have gestational diabetes the only thing they can really do about it at this point is to tell you to watch your diet.

good luck hun i hope things settle down for you
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