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Teeth 8mths n none yet Lock Rss

I wasn't concerned then recently spoken to a few people n they all seemed surprised dd had no teeth yet?! When did your kids get teeth?
I too get concerned about these little things...
My ds is 10 months and still no sign of any teeth, his dad didn't get his first tooth until 14 months and has a great set of teeth as an adult.
In our mothers group, there are about 3 out of 10 kids with no teeth yet... Age gap of 7 weeks between the oldest and youngest, however there is one kid with 4 teeth already and he is one of the youngest.

Don't worry too much, we know they are all so different in development. Enjoy the no-biting ability while you can smile
My daughter got two at once just after xmas. She was just over 8 mths. My niece is only 3 days older and has none yet either. So its normal.

My DS got his first teeth at 7months. Every baby is differeht though. My friends little girl didnt get her first teeth till just before she was 15 months.

I thought my son would be walking by the time he got any teeth, he only got his first one at 9 months and was walking by 10 months. He now has about 6 teeth as they all seemed to come up really quickly.
My DS cut his first 2 at 4mths & seemed to be teething constantly. He had 18 by 16mths so I consider that to be really early. A friend of mine has a DS that just turned 1 & only has 4 teeth so just shows they are all different. I wouldn't worry about it, they will come smile Don't let others tell you what is normal & what's not either as it will drive you mad comparing smile
Yup my little one is 9 months old and only has one tooth. Don't stress.

I know of babies who have not got teeth until after their first birthday. Just like mine didn't grow hair until she was 2... those teeth will come eventually

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Yep, my first DS got his first just after 8mths and slowly they followed whereas a friends DS started at 4mths! My second DS is 5mth and seems to be teething now, so yes, all different! Hopde they don't give her (or you!) too much trouble. smile
Thanks everyone didn't think it was unusual but just wanted to check. she gets the rosey cheeks, dribbles etc and has done for a few months but no sign of teeth yet.
But learning not to stress about what everyone else's babies are doing and what other people think my baby should be doing cause they are all different.
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