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8 months and no words yet Lock Rss

My little girl is 8 months old and hasn't said her first word yet. When do babies say first words? Am I overreacting?
Most children, by age 1, can say Mum Dad and 1-5 other words used in correct context. At 8 months usually babies are starting to babble or make speech like sounds, but often don't have any obvious words. Don't worry just yet!

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*Mimsy wrote:
My dd is one today and still only babbles and makes conversational noises rather than words in context. She says mums mum and dadadad but it still seems more noise than word. If I ask what a fish says she will smack her lips together, rabbit she will click her tongue and so on, but if I ask her any animal that requires her to make a vocal sound, she won't do it. It's funny.

Happy birthday to your little girl, hope you've got a nice day planned to celebrate smile

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My son started with dad dad dad dad at about 8 months or so then mum mum mum after that. More as babbling sounds than words though. I definitely would not be worried at all.

My kids didn't have words at 8 months. Dd1 had 3 words at 15 months.

At 8 months some babies recognise there name. I know my kids would crawl to me if I said their names from 8 -9 months.
DD1 had very advanced speech from an early age (she had sentences up to 7 words long at her 17 month health check, so a bit weird good), and I don't think she had any words in context at that age. DD2 is 8 months and can make Dada, Mama, bubba, and a sound like her sister's name, however no context to them so far either. As long as she is 'chatting' to you in babble I think she is well within the normal range, nearer to one you might hope for a true word, but later is perfectly fine too smile

My daughter is 11 months and only babbles... "dadadada" and sometimes "babababa", She only started this recently too so I wouldn't worry. I think it's not until about 13 months that they should recognise words more.

DS2 is 19 months and doesn't really talk except mummy, daddy and dummy. He can say others but only when prompted. At 8 months I wouldn't worry at all.

As everyone else has already said, I don't think many babies can say much at 8 months. My DS couldn't say 'dad' until 16 months. His first word was 'book' at about 9 or 10 months. It takes them ages before they say anything you can understand, until then they are just soaking it up and you will be surprised at how much they DO understand by the time they are 12-18 months old. smile
This thread has been quite reassuring. My ds was very good with his speech but dd 18 months only says a handful of words. She understands everything we say and follows instructions but does not say much herself. She is very active and always busy so I am hoping it will develop. Good to hear some other children were not talking much at this age.
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