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My son is 5 months he only fits into size year 1 clothing. Does anyone else have a very long baby? And are they finding difficulties with buying baby clothing that fits? Why can't the stores have more sizes and range for the tall babies!!!!
me too. lol. My 2 and half yr old gets mistaken for a 4 or 5 yr old I want a shirt for her saying I am 2. And because her language is advanced and very clear that doesn't help either.

My daugher is a size 2 but we need size 4 leggins to make the length. And size 5 to 6 shirts for the length when size 4 will do. Consequence is the sleeves are really long.

Try finding jeans or shorts or whatever with the elasticised waist that you can draw in with buttons and let out as they get older. Sorry my only tip.
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