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Hi everyone

My son just turned 2 and I have found that even though he has a vocab of 50+ words and has formed some sentences he still refuses to speak and rather just babble his own language, I know I should not compare him to other children as each child develops at their own pace but its really starting to bother me, I'm just concerned.

he love to play with his cars and watch the music channel so i thought i would start to play educational DVD's on TV but nope not interested.

I have also started to read to him but he doesn't sit down longer enough he just snatches the book out of my hand, he flicks the pages babbles and leaves the book and finds something else to do which doesn't last long.

i have removed most of his toys from the lounge room and have replaced them books, i am going to try and get him into a routine and try get him involved more with playgroups, library visits etc: im also going to make more time for reading and drawing activities and we will see how things go in a couple of months.......fingers crossed..........

if anyone has any advice it will be greatly appreciated

thanks for listening

Hi smile It doesn't sound like you need to be concerned at all.

The first thing I would do is to give him his toys back. You can use them as an opportunity to get him talking. Sit down and play cars with him and talk about them.
"Oooh I'm playing with a blue car. What colour have you got? Oh red. Look at the wheels. Can you see them spinning when you drive the car? Look, I'm driving fast!"

Making sure you talk about everything is the most important thing to do if you want to encourage talking.

If he's not particularly interested in books at the moment that's fine. You also have a 9 month old right? At this stage I would just sit down and read with your 9 month old. You might find your son wants to be part of the action. If not, you can just sit down and read a book out loud. He might be interested enough to just come and see what you are doing. Even if he just wants to have a little look and then goes off, keep reading. Just do that sometimes and you might eventually get him to come over for a whole book.

I really don't think you have anything to worry about smile

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Start family home stay or daycare , once he sees other kids doing it he will too
Thanks for your advice Zinkles & Gsxrness I will definitely take that on board smile

Zinkles idea of reading with your 9 month old is great. The earlier you start with books the easier it will be in the long run.
Agree with Zinkles smile
Everything zinkles said smile
Its funny how we worry about things like this now. Kids are expected to reach certain milestones by a certain age and its always felt to me like society is expecting kids to grow up too quickly. Every child is different, some kids (including my 2 boys) were just late talkers that liked to listen and observe more than they liked to talk. All this changed though once they went to daycare and started really interacting with other kids. My girls on the other hand were huge talkers from an early age (typical women lol).

I wouldn't be worried, he'll talk more when he's ready smile
Hope and Hysteria wrote:
Reading is not the only way to learn to speak and other things. Floor time (that is, interactive activities with you or someone else - playing with toys, chatting, sharing food, physical play, and anything that involves interaction and communication and is FUN) is just as important. My son's speech was delayed and his speech therapist and other expert advisors all advised floor time as the most important approach.

+1 yes reading books is important but playtime and just constantly talking is just as important I think. Make story time fun such as using interactive books like lift the flap and feely books. It's so important to make it all fun and just provide them lots of different experiences.

Thanks for all the advice I will definitely take it on board I will have to start more floor play definitely and we have started going back to play group as the boys were unwell at one stage so hopefully all the interaction with other children will help!!
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