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how many teeth did your bubs have by 12mths? Lock Rss

Hi my little girl has 5 teeth and we can see the 6th one just under the gums about to cut through. She got her bottom 2 without any problems (no pain). Then the 4 top teeth have been a NIGHTMARE, very sooky, clingy, and in obvious pain. Yes, the nurofen works wonders!! I feel bad giving her the nurofen all the time but it's better than her screaming in pain.

Are these 4 likely to be it for a while or can I expect more to pop up soon??

How many did your bub have by the age of 12 months?

hi there,
my ds is nearly 11mths and has only 2 teeth.the bottom 2.
hi there
My DS is 10.5 months and is getting his 9th and 10th teeth (at the back too) I think it all depends on the bub.

Rachel, QLD mum of Zaki 21 months

i am sorryto say but they keep coming and coming sad It really is hard for them sometimes hey but if my kids are really suffering I give the nurofen too so don't feel bad for taking her pain away a bit.

Ryan only had 4 teeth at 12mths. At 22mths he has 12 and has seemed to get a new 'pair every 2-3 mths.

good luck

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)


my little girl is 7.5 months and her 7th tooth is now popping up, I think that I can see the 8th one but am not yet too sure. She cut her first teeth at 14 weeks (two at the bottom) and then when she was 6 months she got her 4 top teeth all at once!! ( more painful for me who was still breastfeeding her at the time, felt like a toruture session with a cheese grater!! LOL) Her 7th tooth is on the bottom now. Yes, she too was a bit clingy and miserable, the night time sleeping, or lack of it, was more a nightmare than the teeth I think! I was hoping that she wouldn't get anymore for a hwile when the 4 teeth on the top came, but they just seem to keep on coming and coming!
My daughter is 11 months old and she has two teeth on the botton and we can see more under the gems cause its all white and swollen and red.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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