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Ultrasound predicting early date? Lock Rss

We had an ultrasound yesterday to check a health issue, but that appeared alright thankfully. However, the lady doing the ultrasound couldn't stop talking about the baby is very large for his size and his measurements are far ahead than what he should be.
We were 32 weeks and 5 days yesterday she recorded that he is 34 weeks and 2 days in measurement, his weight was predicted to be 2.5kgs already. On the photos she printed that EDD (UAU) is 3rd of May not his EDD of 21st of May. On all the graphs his measurements were above the results of the average larger sizes.. Of course I am extremely happy that he is healthy and large. Just a bit confused.
I don't have a drs appointment until next Wednesday.
I was wondering who else has experienced this, on Wednesday are they likely to say because of his growing my due date will now be predicted as 3rd of May?

This has not happened to me personally but quiet a few ladies in my DD due group had similar experiences with bubs being much larger. None of their due dates got changed or induced early. So fingers crossed everything stays the same for you.

Good luck

My third bub umbilical only had 2 no the usual 3 so got to have mid 3rd trimester ultra sound to check on growth and kidneys, as usually the problem area with this issue.

He was measuring 3 weeks ahead which was reassuring but they didn't change my EDD but bub did come at 37.2 weeks so 3 weeks early.

can you call dr earlier?

I wouldn't worry. I had the same issue with two of mine - they measured much further than my dates because they were big. They were born on time - just big and healthy.
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