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HELP! Small but ACTIVE baby Lock Rss

My 8 month old daughter is so small for her age. I have had many people comment on how 'petite' she is & made not-so-subtle remarks on how I should 'feed her more'. It has gotten on my nerves as she is a small but longish baby (7.38kgs & 66.5cm) & eats HEAPS plus is on formula now. She started crawling at 5 months & is already trying to stand on her own & walks along the furniture. She is never still unless she's asleep so my question is what am I to do ? I get distressed everytime people make these snide remarks to me & I try my hardest & she is definitely not a neglected baby. PLEASE HELP
Hello, I too have heard this since dd was born (she's now 2 1/2) and it used to really bother me. She's also short so is at the bottom of the charts but in all other respects is thriving. She doesn't eat heaps like your wee one but is also very active, even while still preg she would kick for hours, was also on the move early and just never sits still.
When people comment (if we're out and in contact with randoms ie shop assistants) is say it happens almost every time... But i think I've just got used to it. To help myself keep positive about it (as it used to get me a bit down) I'd have a couple of answers ie yes she's got so much energy she runs the calories off quicker than I can get them into her or she's lucky she's going to do good on the sales racks when only the really small sizes are left or yeah it's great her clothes get so much wear out of them.
Just gotta let it go in one ear and out the other a bit else it'll drive you mad with worry!
Oh wow im not the only one lol, my daughter is 16 months old and shes on the bottom of the chart to but she is very active but a picky eater doc just told us to monitor her....dont worry to much what other people say about your bubs shes your daughter and you know she well and active just dont let the negetive thoughts get to you thats what im trying to do I know it hurts with what they say but just dont let it get to you, you dont want your daughter stressing out
Thank you ladies. Yeah am trying my best to keep positive but does get me down on some days. She is very small compared to her cousins and even though a high metabolism is normal in my family, it is hard to stand by as people put me down as a mother. She excels in everything else & always has a smile; that's what keeps me going wub
Hi ladies i pregnant on 24/01 in a year to i am very happy
Is bubs following along her birth chart, if she is staying on course and not dropping then it is all ok. Some babies are just slim and some are chubbas. we are all different.

one thing that could help, has she started on solids yet?
Yeah she hasn't dropped below 50th so she is still above for her age. Yeah she eats two weetbix mixed with a mashed banana & a whole marmite on toast for breakfast. Pureed vegetables and crackers for lunch & whatever we have for dinner. She has four bottle throughout the day too, plus snacks whenever she gets hungry.
Hi ladies i have 6 months child, now i am very happy
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