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Unsettled baby after moving state Lock Rss


Our DS was around 5 months old when we all relocated from Syd to Melb for my work. Up to that point he had been the perfect baby, sleeping through the night....busying himself with his toys in the morning when he woke up (instead of crying). My wife used to spend a lot of time with her family during this time as well (hanging out with Grandma etc etc).

Since we moved he has been unable to settle at night, he wakes up 11 times a night and just generally seems unhappy during the day. My wife says when I get home there is a distinct lift in his mood. I tried to do what I thought was the right thing by flying them both back to sydney a couple of times to see the family (which I think in hind sight probably wasn't so good). He will only sleep with us (we've tried putting him down in his cot, having his cot in our room etc etc) but nope...if he isn't in our bed then he won't sleep.

Not sure if it was just bad timing and due to other things like teething etc he's having a tough time.

Would any one have any advice? We've thought about contacting someone like a MotherCare nurse, but I thought I'd post in here first.

Many thanks smile
There's loads of really good sleep consultants out there who can do in home visits or it can also be done over the phone / email. If it's an option (financially I mean as its not overly cheap) that's what I'd do as you'll then have someone formulate a plan that you can follow and stick with rather than trying different things here and there which will probably just create confusion and frustration for all of you
I googled sleep consultant Sydney and these were just a few that came up. Some may support "cry it out" methods while others won't, up to you guys what your comfortable with.

Good luck, hope you get things sorted to get back to a happier household smile
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