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baby sitting low Lock Rss

Hi, im 27 weeks with my first bubba and feel like bubs is sitting quite low. I keep reading things saying that it means labour is close and it worries me as I'm scared ill have a premature bub. What makes me feel like bubs is low is that all the kicks are low, i have constant back/sciatic pain and have been feeling 'kicks' in my vaginal area. Should i be worried or does it just mean bubs likes chilling out in my lower abdomen?

Also if anyone has tips on relieving sciatic pain during pregnancy they would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance smile
Hello and congrats smile

My second bubba sat low for many weeks making things very uncomfortable for me. He would also put a lot of pressure on my back and also on my bladder. I constantly felt low movements and kicks and from about 30 weeks I was just so so uncomfortable and my back killed me!
I too was worried on going really early. My ds came 9 days early but that was still in the normal realm and he was 7 pound 15 so he was definitely cooked enough smile
I couldn't do a lot for my back and unfortunately just mostly endured it knowing the pressure would be relieved once he was out. It was good he was early smile

Good luck smile

Congrats on your pending arrival!
I have a bad back on the best of days due to an accident years ago and when i was pregnant with my DD i was just about dying from lower back pain until i found a pregnancy chiropractor she was a god sent and i saw her every couple weeks starting when i was about 16weeks and i was like a new person after just the first time, I have a fairly physical job and i worked right up until i went into labour(and half of the day i was in labour) without the chiro there is no way i could have done that otherwise.

Not sure if will work for you or help at all but may be worth a try!

This is my second pregnancy and have only felt kicks in my lower abdomen since 16 weeks (now 35wks). First pregnancy I was kicked high until 30 weeks. Shouldn't worry to much as all babies sit differently but I would still check with your doctor or midwife.

For sciatic pain, ask your doctor to refer you to a physio or chiro. I personally prefer physiotherapy as I feel it is more gentle (just my opinion) and have been seeing one at the local hospital for a month now. I have seen some improvement but unfortunately don't count on anything eliminating the pain completely. With my first it went away when she was born so there is hope at the end of the tunnel! I was advised to stop using pillows between my legs when I lay down and for me this was not as comfortable but has helped a lot with the pain. For most using pillows is better so you can give either one a go. You can also try heat packs and gentle massage around your lower back / gluteus area. Unfortunately sciatic pain during pregnancy can be (but not always) caused by an underlying problem so don't be disheartened if you don't get relief straight away as it may take a few sessions to figure out the main issue. Mine for example is caused by my pelvis which sits higher on one side and is pushed slightly back so when baby is sitting low it is pushing further back putting strain on my muscles and ligaments which is now apparently causing my muscles to inflame and push on my sciatic nerve.

Of course there is no decent pain relief medication for pregnant women sad

Hope this helps and you find some relief smile

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