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20 week scan shows only 1 kidney Lock Rss

Hi all,
So our 20 week scan has showed that baby only has 1 kidney, pretty devastated about this. The one kidney he/she (gender unknown) does have seems to be working perfectly well as the bladder was filling up. I have been referred to a specialist so am just waiting for my appointment to be assigned.
Have any of you been through this? How are your babies today? Any further complications? I feel like its my fault. Pretty teary..
Thanks in advnace
Hi lol, I'm new member and just pop now to the forum for the first time.
I don't know much about this, but just want say to you do not feel like it's your fault, couse I don't think can be for something that you doing or you did... It's probably something on the genes.

I've got a childhood friend that because an accident she lost a kidney at 14 years old. She is now 30 and still ok, even without one...
I know it doesn't help your heart to feel better, but I Want to send you my hug anyway.
My nephew was born with one kidney and he is now a teenager and as far as I know he has been fine and had no problems. I believe the only thing that will affect him is that he may not be able to have alcohol when he is older as he will have to look after his kidney. All the best with your baby. I hope I have brought some relief to you.

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