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Hey just wondering what is the ideal age to use these bumbo seats... I never used these with my daughter so very intrigued to know what is a good age?
It's personal choice really, but first make sure you do your research as studies have shown that they are really bad for babies hips and spines as they are forced into unnatural positions. Many kids have also been injured while sitting in them before they did a big recall a couple of years ago.
I used one for my son but only from about 8 months on as this was when he could naturally sit up by himself without support. I don't agree with propping up 3 month olds in them etc. We just used it as a high chair (but on the floor) so he wasn't sat in it for hours on end.

As long as you only use them down on the floor there is no risk of injury. Apparently there are some really dumb people out there who despite the warnings on the side of the seat would use them up on tables and benches. There were some injuries and even some deaths I believe from babies falling.

I wouldn't advise using a bumbo. They are not needed. It's not good to sit a baby until they are ready as it is not good for development. This explains really well.
Wow thanks guys really useful tips here...I have now put the bumbo high in the cupboard lol it won't be coming out until he can sit up by himself at least...Instead I went and purchased a piano play mat,He loves it,I was reading some scary things about those bumbos....Not good at all sad ESP about the babies who have lost there lives..Might I add even with the bumbo I would never ever put my little guy up high in it.Floor only...with my supervision...
Someone bought me one and I never used it! Feel bad wasting it but once my daughter could sit up she would try and launch herself out of it. I think the problem is they are made for babies who shouldn't really be in them but when you try and use them for older babies they don't want to be that restricted.
I really don't get them. My friend also bought one thinking it would be great and used it once and never again because her daughter did the same as mine and tried to launch out of it.

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