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Does anyone else's baby have a flat head at the back? My lil boy is 3mths old and he has a flat head, he sleeps on his back as per the sids rule and when awake he's propped up or on his tummy or side (not so much on his back) Should I be worries his head isn't going to pop out?
Hello smile
My little boy had a very flat (and big!!) head and bald so it was very noticeable.
It is very common and nothing to worry about.
My son is now just over 2 and has 'grown into' his head and the flatness is much less prominent.
It sounds like you are doing the right things smile.
I did see a pediatric physio but it was just for peace of mind and they just said to keep up tummy time, propping him up and when he was older encouraging him to sit up more and enticing him to play on his tummy and not spend heaps of time laying flat.
Hope this helps ease your mind smile
My son had a flat head when he was a baby, my gp and midwives told me it was nothing to worry about and he will just grow into it and it will work out. Months past and he was just so flat, I was extremely concerned, I begged my gp to refer me to a pediatrician who also wasn't too concerned but at the same time informed me of the helmet babies can get fitted to make their head grow where its flat as opposed to growing everywhere (if that makes sense). So even though this pediatrician also thought he would grow into his head I couldn't stop being concerned and worrying about it. I didn't want him to grow up with a flat head. By this stage he was 6 months old and I thought it was worse, not better. I went to see these people (i think they are called orthotic solutions in brisbane - and the best thing is you don't need a referral to see them, you can make an appointment and just enquire), they make the helmets (can't remember the exact name for them, its a tricky one to remember), and my son wore the helmet for months and it was the best thing I have ever done. I am so glad I went with my gut and followed through with enquiries. by the time my son got fitted for the helmet I was told he was almost too old for the helmet to work (6 - 8mths old), he was on the cusp, it may work or may not due to his age. So I recommend going to see them early on, even if you're not sure if its an issue, as you can just chat about the pro's and cons and see what you think. Thankfully it worked for my son. I can still see a slight flat spot, but no one else can notice it. if I got on to this helmet thing earlier his head wouldn't even have that slight flat spot there. I couldn't recommend them more, for my son the flat spot was major. gp's said it would go away and my gp didn't even know about the helmet option, but as time went on it just was not improving no matter what I tried to correct it. If I hadn't of tried this helmet my son would have a very noticeable flat side on his head. The helmet is pain free, it isn't tight, it just fits around the head nicely and then where the flat spot is there is a space in the helmet for the head to grow into that spot to make it the same shape as the rest of the head. It worked wonders. smile If you are concerned, give orthotic solutions a call and have a chat.
Community health nurse said this was getting more common. You do however need to take action if you don't want your child to have a misshaped head. Lots of tummy time. Lots of shifting head position. Worst cases need a helmet. When I had my first child I was told it was a sign of neglect by older family members sad. Some cases do rectify by themselves mostly cause bub learns to move their head. Other cases I've seen 4 year olds or teens still with flat heads at the back.
My son also had the flat head and baldness in that area. We consulted the paediatrician and as he mentioned it eventually got better on its own. Babies spend almost all their time on their back that leads to some positional flattening or molding of the head, depending on how the baby sleeps. Encourage lot of tummy time; tummy time decreases pressure on the back of the head. Keep him on your belly with arms supported on your chest. Talk to him to encourage him to lift his head to look at your face.
After some months, when baby develops a better head and neck control, that will help him keep pressure more evenly distributed on the skull. So don’t worry, it is likely to resolve on its own by 4 months. Enjoy the fun of his growing up!!!
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