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Nub theory Accuracy. Lock Rss

How accurate has the nub theory been for you? What gestation was clearest? What are the telltale signs on a scan for each gender. I currently have two boys, am also 17 weeks pregnant and unsure of the gender.
All theories have a 50% chance of being accurate.

With ultrasounds you spot the gender by looking at the reproductive organs on the scan. For an untrained eye this may be difficult. You can google examples and compare. Looking at the head shape, or other parts will not give you the answer.

When you conceive, what you crave, shape of bump, position of placenta are not indicators of gender.

best way to tell is via a blood test. This is usually offered around 14 weeks to check for chromosome abnormalities. You can pay expensively to get this done at 10 weeks which will also most accurately inform you of the gender of your baby.

Gender is determined by the chromosome in the father's sperm. A woman's egg contains XX chromosone only. The sperm however can contain XY or XX. if the sperm is XX you will have a daughter. if the sperm contains XY you will have a son

either way, wishing you a healthy and smooth pregnancy and a very healthy baby. Have fun playing around with the various theories.
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