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Measuring 7 weeks ahead! Baby has a huge belly Lock Rss

Hi all!

I went to my midwife appointment yesterday and it would seem everything has just gone downhill. My midwife measured my belly (pretty standard check up) however she was concerned as my fundal height was 34 weeks....I am only 27 weeks. I understand fundal height can vary but I feel this is a large difference.

Due to this massive measurement, well over the 90th percentile, I was sent for a scan to check on baby boys growth. They measured his head (27 weeks) very normal, his thigh bone (27 weeks) again very normal. However his stomach is measuring at 34 weeks and 4 days! A lot bigger than it should be.....I am worried as everything is fine it’s just his abdomen is huge.

I also am measuring at the top end of the chart for the amount of amniotic fluid I have....

Can anyone advise me on what this could be? I’m worried sick and waiting for news....I don’t think it’s a growth spurt as this is such a big size and I thought he would of grown all over?
My son was like this. Was measuring big around the stomach area and normal everywhere else. I had gestational diabetes which I knew about and the drs just monitored this. My son is now 5 years old is perfect in every way. When he was born he got a perfect apgar score. Maybe check for diabetes?
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