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how do i keep my 4 month old entertained? Lock Rss

hi my names celeste and i have a 4 month old baby girl. Our day involves her waking, being fed and playing on the floor while i do the household chores. Then she has a sleep till about 12.30, when she wakes shes full of beans and ready for play, but seems to get bored with the same play all the time, which involves musical toys, mummy being an aeroplane, tummy time and singing. She at that age where she cant sit up, but wants to, and gets very fustrated. I dont want her to be bored, but feel lost of finding ways to keep her enteratined, when she still isnt able to do that much! Does anyone have any ideas for her age group?

celeste,wa,baby Ella

My son loved his Sesame Street swing set. We could set it up over him on the floor, the crib or while sitting up in his rocker. We also have some little rattles, soft toys with bits on them to pull, suck, shake, etc. The bright colours and lights on things get their attention too. He also loves looking at the tv screen, or the computer. He also likes watching what I do or watching the dogs, so he sometimes sits up in his highchair with a couple of toys handy or a pram tie attached on both sides and strung across the middle with the tray taken off. My son also wants to be sitting up as much as possible so the highchair and the rocker propped up on some phonebooks worked really well.
I would have to say though, that the Sesame Street swing set worked the best and that was a hand-me-down, because he didn't have to do that much at first except hit the toys to send them swinging and spinning. He soon started grabbing onto them and pulling as well. You can adjust the swinging height of the toys as well for where ever they might be. We also hung his little safari mobile off the high bar to give him something different every once in a while.

I hope that gives you some ideas.
Let us know what you end up with and what works. It's always fun to see what takes their fancy. My little man already has his favourite toys.
Hi Celeste,
My almost five month old has a similar routine to your baby. She wakes in the morning and has a feed, bath, some naked time in front of the fire. After this she enjoys watching the kiddy shows on ABC and then goes down for a nap for about 2 hours. When she wakes she has another feed and we go out. Most days it is simply a walk but she loves to get out and have a good look around. Other days we might go shopping or visiting. She also has a baby gym which she enjoys. She swipes and looks at the toys. Books are also great - she's at the age of touching the pictures and will sometimes listen intently. Just sitting her in various places around the house works as well - on the lounge surrounded by cushions, on my bed, in her rocker. She loves to watch me eat and also finds watching me cook in the kitchen while in her rocker fascinating. She often wants to suck on her bib (she refuses a dummy) and quickly becomes frustrated so I have found placing a strap- on rattle onto her wrist or ankle keeps her amused for ages. She'll track it while she moves her arm and sucks on it etc. Allowing her to stand while I support her is another one of her favourites as she can see things from a different view.

I hope these ideas help. Any other acitivites you can think of would be greatly appreciated. Good luck!
Hi, thank you so much for your replies! My daughter does have a winnie the pooh activity gym which she does pull on and play with but seems to be bored with it. I too stand her up as much as possible, she loves this!!!! As the weather has been nice this week I have taken a sheet outside under a tree with a heap of toys and laid with her, playing and singing!! She absoulutly loves it, and I've found since doing this shes sleeping better, must be all that fresh air!!!She loves watching our dog and the birds hopping along the grass!
She also finds sitting on the couch watching me do my daily workout quite amusing!!!!!
Thanks again!!
from Celeste.

celeste,wa,baby Ella

Hi Celeste,
I find even now, when my daughter gets bored, i take her out. We go shopping, or just for a walk in the pram. She seems to love it, i love it, and it wears her out. Sometimes it's just a drive in the car and when we get home, it's like...ooooo, new toys to play with even though she was bored with them even a half hour ago.
Also, it's never too soon to start a playgroup and swimming lessons can also start from 4 months. These are great entertainers and wears them out. Helps you both to make new friends and have some fun. Hope this helps and good luck with keeping her entertained.
hello there when my daughter wakes up she have a bottle then i change her nappie then she goes on the floor to play for a while then when an ready i go for a walk with her for about 1 hour everyday then we eat and play and then i put her in the jumping jooly she love that then its ready for sleep time sleep for a while then play with my 2 other for a while then its dinner time bath times and goes to bed for the night and have her bottle let me know how you go ok lisa
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