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big babies Lock Rss

is there anyone else out there who has a big baby?
my daughter was 9lb 13oz (around 4.5kg) when born, i don't know many people who had babies this big.

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James

wow that is big lol
Lillie was 8 pound 5 which is huge for me as im sooo tiny

it was definitly a shock when they weighed her

but i really love how fat she still is!!!!!


Lillie....1 year old!!!

hi there

my dd was born 9lb 3oz - 4.3kgs and she was 52cm long....

now at 9mths she is about 10.5kgs and 75cm, she always put on about 200-300g a week up until about 7mths when she has finally started slowing down.....

i was always happy that she was born at such a healthy weight and kept putting weight on, it made me feel like i was doing a great job breast feeding my baby (at the start i was convinced that i didn't have a clue on how to be a mum - very insecure)... not any more


Kristie, tvlle, 3.5yr & newborn

Hi Haleighsmum,

My bub was 10lb 1/2oz so your bub sounds small to me! As a result Ryan wasn't in newborn nappies for very long!! Ryan looked huge next to all the other babies in hospital - I am wondering how big my next baby will be!!!!

Mummy to Ryan 22.10.05 & Luke 11.9.07 Tassie

My husbands sister had a 12 pounder for her first bub, 10.5 pounder for her second and a 9pound 10oz for her third. She is of averge height and build. She is one brave chick. to have more after the first is amazing considering she had a natural (no drugs) birth with the first!! Shes a farm girl- they breed them tough out here!!!!

Aly, 6mth girl

hello, love hearing about all these healthy bubs!!!

mine was 3 days early, 8pound 9ounces, 51.5cm long with a 35cm head. she was the 2nd biggest at the time but really didnt look that big.

i had a fantastic birth! only deep breathing & gas, approx 8-11hr full on labour.

talia is now 8mths old, 11kg, 68.5cm long.
full cheeks, both on her face & her big bum (think that she got that from me??? lol)

she used to put on kg+ a mth & now she has definately started to slow down since starting solids & not having as much milk approx 500g p/mth

never fear, enjoy your bubs cos you know they will be ok when they do get sick & wont wilt away.

talia definately can be a conversation starter with strangers in the street, they love to look at her!!!

janis, talia & jorja

My Bub is 15 weeks old now, he was born 7pound 1 and is now a very big boy and weights 8.5 kg and very difficult of carry but he is so cute and cuddly.i'm so glad there are other big healty bubs out there.
my dd was 9lb 5oz (4.235kg) when she was born and 55cm. i had an all natural birth (no drugs) and luckily my "active labour" was only 2 n a half hours. last check-up at 8 weeks she was 5.5kg and 61cm long. she's now 12 weeks and finally starting to fatten up (she's been pretty skinny compared to other babies until now). i love it when they get big enough to cuddle smile

Sam, mum to Summer 14/03/06

Hi everyone,
i just got my DS 4 month needles and check up done, he's 9.1kg, 67 cm long. he's one big chubba bubba.He was twice the size of the other 4 month olds.
hi my first bub was 9 pound 7oz,second was 8 lb 10oz, and no 3 was 8lb 14, it took over 2 1/2 hrs to deliver my first I didnt know that at the time as the pethedine made me drowsy, but with 2 and 3 they fell out with in minutes!! . my sil had 2 over 10 lb by c section bub 3 was only 8 lb.

Hi there, my little boy was born by c-section at 38 weeks and weighed 9pd 3, 52cm long with a head circumference of 37.5cm. At 4 months (he is a week shy of 6 months) he weighed 9 1/2 kgs, was 71cm long and his head had grown to 45.5cm. He is now in toddler nappies and has been for nearly 2 months which is quite funny. He does look like a 9 month old bub maybe even older and we figure at his next wiegh in he should go close to maybe 13kgs. I guess in comparison to his mum and dads birth weights (9p 11 and 10pd 10) he was small.

1sttimemum, Qld, 6 mth baby

My boy Joel was 8lb 13oz born and came out within 45min of me getting to hospital! This meant no time for pain relief! We were all pretty shocked to see how big he was, as I was sent for an u/s at 35 weeks pregnant because they thought I was small! He has always been one size bigger than he should be in nappies and always on the go smile He's now 7 months old and still loves his food! Gotta love chubby bubs soooooooooo cute smile
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