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Any tips or games etc for this age group? I am struggling to keep my little man entertained at home and now its getting colder its harder to go out during the day as he gets a cold little nose and gets the sniffles. So any inside game ideas would be appreciated.

What are all your 9 month olds up to??? Thomas is half crawling, half caterpillaring, its cute but he gets frustrated when he cant catch me if i have to go somewhere. He waves hello/goodbye, kisses (sometimes if he isnt too distracted), has a cheeky grin he does when being funny, squeels the house down but i kinda encourage it and laugh!!!, starting to pull himself up on furniture and just all round sociable little boy!!!!
He sound like a charmer!
My DS is 10 mths, I have all his toys/books on the bottom shelf of my changing table and he loves to pull them out and play with them. Also have a biggish cardboard box at the moment. I fill this with toys/balls/balloons and he loves to get into it!
Also likes:
dancing (i have to help with this!)
playing with placemats!
standing up anywhere
plays with vacuum cleaner
plays in 'his' kitchen cupboard...pulling everything out & chewing on it!

It is cold here too, but we still try and go out as he is very nosy and the fresh air seems to do him good!

Jen and 13mth Harvey

Hi Aidyn is 9mths too...born 3 days later than your bub and is doing the caterpillering as well.

I put on some wiggles or playschool music and do the actions...a good one we do is "heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and Row Row your boat. Or rolling a ball to them or i give him a cardboard book to chew on or hold.

If i am in the kitchen i bring in his highchair and give him a cup or something that rolls which keeps him amused. Parachute games or hiding under blankets are another good one. You could play a game around the furniture and see if he finds you...or just peek at him.

We also have a walker and jolly jumper and a big brother which keeps him occupied for little bit.

Aidyn likes to sit and play with toys, pulls hair and trys to grab everything...especially off the coffee table Ie paper or books, loves to be tickled, loves to be outside or in his walker chasing his brother.
Laughs when he sees us, Starting to bear weight on his legs. Eats our chins. Fun at times arnt they!

Sal, two mischief boys 4yrs & 16 mth's

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