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Any 11 month old bubs out there not crawling/walking? Lock Rss


Tahlia is still not crawling or walking. I'm not concerned about the walking but am about the crawling. She's comando crawling but that's it. Evertything else she is doing really well/up to par with other bubs her age. Just wondering if anyone else has experieced this/is going through this?

Cheers, Angelique

My 2 Angels, Vanessa 10 & Tahlia 2

Hi Angelique,

Hallie was 10.5 motnhs before she started crwling and now just 2 days off being 13 moths she isnt walking either....actually she cant even stand on her own and im sure she wont be walking for a long time yet.

Every lil bubba does things in their own time and before long she will be off and away and you wont stop her!

If you are really concerned maybe ask your CHN and see what their opinon is, but im sure she will be crawling soon. One day the comando will just turn into a normal crawl and away she will go!

Angelique,my little boy who is nearly 11mnths old he only started to crawl about a month ago..he was comando crawling for a longtime then from there he just started...
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