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What are your baby's favourite toys? Lock Rss

Hi lovely mums! smile

I thought it would be interesting to ask which toys are your little darling's favourites? I was looking at the pile of stuff strewn all over the floor, some very basic classic toys, and some expensive whizz-bang battery operated noisemakers, and I wondered if other babies are into the same sort of things as mine. Here's Nina's favourites:

*Plastic stacking rings - always the first thing she pulls out of the toybox. Loves bashing them together, beating me up with them, and now she's learning to actually stack them on the base like they're designed for!

*Crinkly colourful Lamaze butterfly - goes everywhere with us.

*Triangular clicky rattle with a mirror in the middle.

*"Peek a Blocks".

*Coasters - loves to pull them off the coffee table and chew on them, and she can't resist sampling the coasters at other people's houses.

*An empty crinkly baby wipes wrapper, muesli bar wrapper, or water bottle.

*Glossy junk mail (for a very short time until it gets soggy enough for her to eat!)

She's occasionally interested in the flash toys she's been given, but most of her favourites cost very little if anything! What about your bubs?

This new forum is strange ...

Hallie loves the empty plastic wipes container....she loves how she can just "pop" open the top and the "close" it back on and so on. I think that she would love a "jack in the box"

She also loves her "playskool" poptivity table...lil balls go around everywhere....she tries to stop them with her mouth! and she loves to climb on it!

I printed her some flash cards off this site of Winnie the Pooh and laminated them... they are also a big hit.

I find the cheapest toys are the ones she loves most...suits me fine too, that way im not replacing batteries every week!
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