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Grinding teeth!! Lock Rss

Hey everyone

My bub has recently cut his 4th tooth and has suddenly discovered the 'joy' of grinding his teeth together!! It is the most awful noise and it makes me cringe like when someone runs their fingernails down a blackboard.

Does anyone else have a bub who is doing this and if so, do you know any strategies to deal with it? Mine has plenty of things to chew on and is happy as larry, but obviously just really enjoys his new trick. I'm sure it won't do him any real harm except I don't want his lovely new teeth damaged! Am I being a fretful mum? LOL.

Any advice would be appreciated...or even if you just want to let me know your bubs are doing it too, then I'll feel better. Thanks in advance. smile

Tracy, QLD, Nathaniel born 27 June 2005

Hay there my little girl was doing that a few weeks ago she has 7 teeth and i read that they often do it as a sigh of frustration as they may not be able to let out there energy and frustration in other ways so they do it through there teeth and i found that if she was in her highchare and grinding her teeth then if i put her on the ground to play she would stop. If she ever did it i would see if there was some reason like she was tyred wet bum those sorts of things. but it also said that it can be a new trick they have learnt and will be bord of it in a while but to watch that it is not too excessive.
I hope that i helped you out

Alison 27yr NSW - Ella 4yr, Kylan 18mths, one in t

talia started doing the grinding thing about 3 days ago. only for that day tho, we havnt heard her do it since. was like fingernails on the chalkboard. i commented to the clinic nurse & she just said shes got more teeth on their way. she did cut a top tooth yesterday & the one beside that is o its way shortly. joy!!!
talia seems to eat the seda-gel (bonjela, but cheaper) like lollies.

i found the bauer teething relief hypes her up, so only give it to her in day & pnadol @ night.

she also flicks the teeth with her finger, knows theres something differrent in her mouth. she seemed to get 5 teeth in a month.

so tiny these precious things of ours are & they experience soooo many things in such a short time. eg. teething, wind

janis, talia & jorja

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