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Not putting on weight Lock Rss

Hi all, i just wanted to know how much weight bubs have put on? I had Seth weighed the other day at 4 months and he was only 7.05kgs at 3 months he was 6.8kgs and at birth he was 4.4kgs. I am worried that my milk isnt enough for him. Does anyone have any suggestions on improving the quality of my milk??

Kristie, QLD, 12 month bubba Seth

I have been having the same worry this week myself. My little one was only 3kg born and was doing well after an initial set back and putting on about 200g each week. I had him wieghed the other day and he had only put on 150g in 2 weeks. After some research I found that their weight gain after 3 months slows down. I was also feeding every 2-3 hours and have now reduced the number of daily feeds and increased the length between them to 3-4 hours. so far so good but it has only been 5 days so far. the nurse also suggested some expressing to increase the milk supply which I do after the 1st and 3rd feeds.

Lisa, Qld, baby boy

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