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When she hurts, I cry! Lock Rss

Hi there. My beautiful wee angel will be one next Sunday (4th of June) and she is crawling around like a mad thing, not quite walking on her own yet. As DH says, she's as fast as a Jack Russell down a rabbit hole.

Anyway, over the last week she has had two accidents, the first, at my brothers house, she was crawling really fast and then went face first into the floor. She had split her lip, she cried and I cried and there was blood. Then, yesterday, she fell out the front door onto the concrete step and again she split her lip, in a different place this time. Again there was blood, she cried and I cried even more.

Then I thought, this is only the start of the injuries she will probably get as she grows up. Do I need to toughen up and stop being such a whimp or is it a natural thing to cry when your baby hurts herself?

poor wee thing, and i thought only haleigh was accident prone. when she was learning to crawl i dont think she realised that walls dont move, you have to go around them, she used to crawl into tiny places and get stuck. when she started to stand was th scariest, first few times she few backwards and hurt her head, or she thinks itll be funny to climb right over people/ things, and goes face first.
this morning, haleigh went into the bathroom and slipped backwards and hit her head on the washing machine, then an hr later she crawled into the corner shelf of the computer desk, we've thankfully had no blood, just a few bumps.
i certainly cry when she hurts herself, it gives me such a fright, she goes completly red in the face, and the screams, are enough to make even my partner get upset.
but in saying that half the time if we dont notice her falling/ banging her head, she'll just sit there and laugh at herself.
i think it is completly natural to get upset when your baby has hurt herself.

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James

I definately think that it is a nutural thing to cry when you precious little child get hurt....i know i do anyway.

My 13month ol DD is very accident prone and clumsy! She is trying to walk and gets a bit sure of herself at times....well i only took my eye off her for a second and BANG, she had fallen over outside on the concrete. There was blood everywhere and alot of skin off her face, she had bitten her lip and chipped her front tooth. Of course she cried but only for about 2mins......and i cried for about half an hour!

This was the first of many more falls to come...we cant wrap them up in cotton wool, although i would like too!
Hi sue&emilie it sounds like you both wasnt having a good day and how is emilie now? When Jaye cries when she hurts herself I get this pain in my heart and thinking how I coould of stop her from hurting herself and I know she has to learn but she is my baby girl and Jaye is also turing 1 years old on the 12th of june.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

It is such a natural thing to feel sad and upstet when this little human we created takes a tumble
Just the other nite i was carrying DD to the bath , she was in the nude and gets very excited,flapping around like a bird,she threw her head back and cracked it on the bathroom door,she just looked at me and did nothing

and here i was screaming to DH to come and check her over,mind you i checked on her 3 times that night

please dont worry that you cry more than your bubs,just means you love her lots!!!


Lillie....1 year old!!!

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