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your first real smile Lock Rss

when my baby gave me her first real smile my heart melted


Rose I know exactly what you are saying!! You have to experience it to understand what you are saying. Now dont do what I did and try for the next 2 months to try to capture that smile on film. My poor baby had the camera in his face so often and all I got was the most silliest faces no one believes it is actually a smile! Enjoy...
Ditto! They seem to know when a camera is being shoved in their face. All smiles, until you want to take a photo. It goes double for the video. Very happy and smiling even giggling and then you bring out the video and all of a sudden they become very camera shy. But there are ways around it and that is fun, too. We set up the camera so it's focused on the baby and then we play peek-a-boo. It usually works. Or we wave, etc. Whatever gets them to smile or laugh.

It's all fun. But, take out shares in Kodak because it takes a lot of photos to get one you're happy with.

lol the elusive camera shot!!! We have taken so many photos with only a few goods ones of his smile. Either bubs looks away at the last second or one of us isnt quite ready and has a funny look! But we have managed a few.

I love it when I hear my baby boy starting to stir from his sleep and I'll walk in there and watch him wake up. Usually he'll wake and see me standing there with a smile on my face and he breaks out in a big grin...I LOVE IT!! My heart melts to hold him smile
I absolutely loooove being a mummy!! lol
Hi Jaime,

Ditto! Ditto! Ditto! It is the most beautiful thing in the world. Just wait until they get a tooth or two and it is even cuter.

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