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14 month olds Lock Rss

Just wanted to know what stage other 14month olds are up to. My lil, well big man, is very active. Loves playing cars, planes, trains, balls, reading, going to the playground, dancing and anything to keep busy.
He can say quite a few words now, not extremely clear, but usually points to what he is saying, so understandable. He follows commands, like pass mummy the ball, close your drink bottle, go get..., when i tell him to stop drinking(milk) he will get off, or when i start to count down. Says yer but mostly nods to say yes, doesn't say no, but i don't say that to him to often, he shakes his head instead.
He's my lil angel:)

Mummy to William-5/04/05 and Harrison-9/02/07

My DD is just on 14 months and is SUPER active all the time.

She has been walking for a while now and has started to walk around with her hands clasped behind her back, very serene looking! She is almost running, atleast it is a very fast walk.

She can say lots of words, not with 100% pronunciation but close enough. They include, buh for bye, no, yeah, ta, mum, dad, bay for baby, meow, moo, woof, go, two, I can't remember the others, I hate it when this She can also put her finger to her lips and say 'shhhhhhh', SO FUNNY!

She can follow a few simple commands in Spanish and English, which I am really happy about as I would like her to be bi lingual.

She has great rythym and is a fantastic dancer!! She especially likes the new TOOL album, I think it is because of the heaviness of it and the beat of the drums!

She LOVES baby Einstein! SO DO I, am addicted!

I could go on all day and am probably boring you all to death!
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