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Rolling Lock Rss

Hi my girl is 6 months old and she can roll from back to tummy no problem but she wont roll back the other way i know she can do it as she has done it at 3 months but she wont now ,it is proving very frustrating as i always have to rescue her any suggestions? she loves tummy time and has always held her head up well from birth but she has only ever fallen asleep on her tummy twice as you can see how annoying this is because if only she could relax and fall asleep in this position i wouldnt have to turn her over all the time
My we girl (7 months) has only rolled from tummy to back once and hasnt done it again, I'm also having to rescue her all the time as she hates being on her tummy but the second that i put her on her back she rolls to her tummy. Dont think that theres a lot that we casn do untill the figure out how to roll back. Does your little one like sitting? Hannah would much rather have sitting time than tummy time?
hi there my little boy is almost 6 mths old and did exactly what your little girl does, up until a couple days ago he would instantly roll on his tummy and stay there and get so fustrated so i would roll him back but when i turned around he would be straight back on his belly.
I can say i know how fustrating it is.
Just lately he rolls back on his back but not very often. the only advise is just persist with it eventually she learn to roll to get places i think my son is more inclined to do so to reach things. dont have any really helpfull advise sorry, just know what your going through.
funny the way they get into a little habit and like it like that
like my DD loves sleeping on her right side but not her left!!!

she'll do it in good time


Lillie....1 year old!!!

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