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Adjusting to being a mum Lock Rss

Hello just wondering if anyone else is finding it a bit strange being a new mum. I absolutley love it but i just find it to be a completley different world to what i expected. Most of my friends work during the day or have already got grown up kids so it just seems if i am alone most of the time. My husband is great support but during the day it can get lonley. Just wondering what other mums think and what you all do or did to help adjusting easier.
I know about mums groups ect but they are not on all the time. What else can you do or get involved in. I would apprecite any help.

Tara, vic, Baby boy born 1st march2006

Hi Tara,

I know what you mean, to start with it was so hard, I was used to being able to just get in the car and go whenever I wanted!!

I met a lot of lovely mums thru mum's group and we catch up on other days aswell. I also have my mum here so that was a big hlep. But I hung around the parents room at shopping centres a bit and actually swapped numbers with some mums who are now really good friends.

There are other things ofcourse like gymbaroo later on, massage classes, kindmusik and stuff..but they are so expensive.

I found if I just took bub somewhere where lots of mums and kids hung out I met people, at the park and stuff like that. It was strange to me how I could just talk to strangers because we had a common interest..our kids!!

It does get bub gets older and can play more it's fun. But don't forget just because bub is young you can still read to them, read anything even if it's just the newspaper...might help to make your day a bit interesting too.

And ofcourse come on here and have a chat...I'm on MSN if you ever want to chat [email protected]

Take care

Natalie QLD, Alisha Rose 13-12-05

Im still adjusting and my son is 4&1/2mths now. My life was very busy before Corey and there's certainly no regrets but it can get lonely at times. Silly me never joined a mums group and now feel as though i wouldnt know where to start by joining one. My friends all work full time jobs and not many have kids and like you the ones that do are older now. What i have been trying to do though is have one different thing a day to look forward too, meet a friend for lunch or go window shopping or go somewhere nice & different for a walk, visit my mum ect. it helps even if its the food shopping or paying bills that im looking forward to one day.

Stacey, WA

Hey Tara - I can really relate to you. I found going from being in a demanding full time occupation of some 12 years to being a stay at home mum quite a hard adjustment. I found it got a whole lot better once DD was mobile (about 8 months). I started doing things like baby gym which was fun for both of us. We started swimming lessons at 6 months which too was a lovely little family activity. By far the best thing I did was join this web site and since made 4 fantastic friends. We either e-mail, chat on MSN, SMS or even call regularly which is just lovely - the best support I've ever had, and lots of fun gas bagging too !!!

I'd love to know what you think is the best thing so far, about being a new mummy.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

hey there

i can understand where your coming from
i found it hard too, id just moved to a new town, all my friends had babies/ toddlers, bu they were all back home so i didnt have anyone i could go vusit.
weve only just recently moved to wellington now, even bigger cultural shock, ive got some family here, but just starting to find new friends, i go to playgroups, and just try and involve myself in things, i go out walking all the time, i find with a baby you always have someone stop you to ask about bubba, i find haleigh loves the contact with others too. shes like me very social, shes happiest when we out and about, especialy when people tell her how cute she is.
i hated being on my own in the day, still do.
now that haleighs 8months im in the process of looking into going back o work.

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James

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