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Eating Machine Lock Rss

I thought I should tell you all the tale of captain hook.
Last Thursday morning Ds was playing with toys on his bedroom floor while Mum was making his bed. Mum looked around and he had helped himself to some curtain hooks (the plastic ones that curl round) from the windowsill which Mum hadnt realised he could reach. She quickly took them away and checked his mouth. Nothing to be seen in there. He seemed just normal but mum was worried in case he had managed to swallow one. She phoned the healthline and, after answering a few questions was tol to take DS to the ED. This was a bit of a worry as it can take hours if the ED is busy, so mum took him into town and went to the urgent doctors. Doctor checked DS over, listened to his breathing and said he seemed fine. If wanted, they could x-ray him, but even if they could see a hook, that wouldnt change treatment, DS just need to be monitored and his poos checked (obviously a job for mum). So of they went home again. DS was as normal the rest of the day and went to bed as usual. In the morning he was up for his breakfast, same as always. Playing with toys happily when mum smelt something terrible.....he needed a nappy change, so up onto the table and nappy off.....lo and behold a plastic curtain hook!!
From this day on he was called Captain Curtain Hook by his very relieved parents!

Jen and 13mth Harvey

oh by god i am in hesterics!!!

NEVER have i read such an entertaining post!!!

Not that i should be laughing, but that was written so well!!!!

Gosh i turned round 3 days ago and DD had my thong in her mouth,i grabbed a wipe and wiped out her mouth,turned back to my folding of washing and behold,daddys muddy work boots were looking good,i turned round to see that eagerness in her eyes,drooling in hunger for a taste as she tried to slither her way close

strange lil critters


Lillie....1 year old!!!

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