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Hi Girls,

I was just curious as to what your thoughts are on christenings? and have you cristened your children or plan to?
My mother wants me to get Bonnie (8mths) christened but my partner and his family arn't into it. I was christened as a baby and so was the rest of my family. My partner isn't christened and only his eldest sister who has past away was christened. My eldest sister christened her 2 boys just so they can get into private schools. What are your thoughts?

baby girl 8mths old

Jessica, mum to baby Bonnie, NSW

Hi Jessica

My daughter is also 8 months old and we haven't had her christenend nor are we going to. Neither my husband or I and our families are religious, we don't go to church (we didn't even get married in a church) and don't really see what the point is, in getting it done, even though I think I was christened when I was a baby. This is my opinion and I don't want to offend anyone, so if I do, I apologise.

Julie, mum to Abby 05/02/04 & Joel 12/04/07

Hi Jess,

My hubby and I having been chatting about this as well.

My hubby and his family are all Catholic but my family are CofE. My family are not religious but my hubby's family are.

My hubby Mark is not at all into going to church in fact the last time we went to church was the day we got married (5 years ago).
However Mark went to catholic schools and I would like to give Luke the opportunity to go to the same school. Therefore I would like to christen Luke Catholic firstly because we are catholic and secondly it makes it easier later on if we want to send him to the catholic school we can.

We have even thought about having a naming day and a bbq with all the family. Marks cousin did that with his two boys. They still chose god parents and you receive a certificate etc but it's conducted by a celebrant and not done in a church.

Everyone to their own I say.


What religion are you ? If you have faith then I would definately baptise Bonnie.

My Husband and I do (we are catholic) we are going to baptise Jayden in a catholic church. Its the church where we got married and I actually was baptised there myself.

So if you are religious then maybe it would be a good idea. Maybe just make it a small simple one if your partner is not into it. These days they baptise babies all together in a short ceremony after Sunday mass....well thats what happens anyway at my church.

What do you reckon ?


8 month old

It depends on you & your partners religious beliefs.
We had Jacob baptised at 3 months. Although my husband is not religious at all I was raised RC. I do not attened every week but do value the beliefs, morals and ethics that were installed in through my upbringing. Because of this I do want our children to go to Catholic primary schools (not decided on High school yet). As far as the baptism, communication ect they mean a lot to me (and my family) and my husband (and his family) think that it does not harm the child in anyway so he goes along with what I want, as long as I do not try to enforse him into the religion or our children when they are of an age to choose themselves.

Rach - Boy 03.02.04 & Girl 10.01.06

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